Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Montana Creekin' And Ditchin'

After three long days floating the upper reaches of several of the local rivers, we decided to take it a bit easy on Sunday and walk into a creek that Joel has access to.  I've fished this section of water several times before and it's never really turned on while I have been there but I was down to try it again since it was going to be a beautiful bluebird day in the low 70's.  We loaded up the truck with the pups, lunch, brews, and gear for our final day on the water together and took off for the creek.

We didn't race to get to the creek and it was around noon before we were on the water.  The streamer bite was kind of on and the local browns wanted the streamer twitched really fast past their face to take a swipe.  We all caught a few small to decent ones before regrouping back at the truck tailgate for a beer, rest the dogs, and enjoy a late afternoon lunch.  After putting on a dozen and a half river miles over the past several days, it was nice to just take it easy on the last day and enjoy it leisurely.

As we always do when we fish this creek, we spend the last part of the day fishing the slender irrigation ditch that weaves it's way through the property.  We play a game on the ditch that everyone picks one fly and this go around we all chose streamers.  We then each took turns working our way upstream picking apart the bends, undercuts, and structure piles trying to interest the browns that take up residence here.  Deb, of course, cleaned all of our clocks and caught a good sized brown trout out of an undercut  while Joel broke his fly off early in the game and I missed several trout including one that might have rivaled Deb's.  Before we reached the bridge both Deb and I had broke off our flies in the brush to end our games as well.  Oh well, a great time was had and it was the perfect way to wind down the trip before a long flight home the next day.

Just a quick note that all the photographs in this post were shot with a Nikon 50mm f/1.8 lens and I am always amazed at the images that can be taken with this simple fixed lens.  This might be the best $135 I ever spent and it's a lot of fun to shoot with.

Click on any of the images in this post to view in a larger format.

I can't say it enough but thanks again to Joel Thompson of Montana Troutaholic Outfitters for hosting and guiding me on this trip and also to Deb for putting up with me being around the house for a few days as well.  I had a stellar time and can't wait to get back out again soon.


Joel said...

Always good to have you here, Cam! Looking forward to your next trip. Plan on visiting that super secret river I was texting you pictures of yesterday! And don't be surprised if Saint Peter is there because it is a true slice of heaven!

Bigdryfly said...

What a great post...I wish that I could have been there this year!