Friday, March 1, 2024

PATAGONIA FILMS - Laxaþjóð | A Salmon Nation

With everything out there already on farmed salmon, I'm always surprised that this industry is still a thing and that anyone would actually eat salmon raised in open water pens.  The latest from Patagonia Films is worth watching and learn more on the North Atlantic Salmon Fund website.

Add your voice to mine and others by signing this petition to protect Iceland's waters from raising salmon in open-net ocean pens.


Just in time for your Friday (it's almost the weekend and I'm not doing anything today) looking busy at your desk, the latest issue of Southern Culture on the Fly is live...


TOM'S TIPS - Stuck on the Bottom

It's been awhile since I've shared one of the "Tom's Tips" videos and in this shortie, Tom Rosenbauer of Orvis covers tactics for getting your fly unstuck from the bottom of the river.

See more on the Orvis YouTube channel and check out the latest gear on the Orvis website.

Thursday, February 29, 2024


Earlier in the month I gave a heads up with a post that Epic Fly Rods was running a month long special on their Roll Your Own Kits and I have fielded several follow up emails and DM's on if they should really get one.  The answer is always "YES".
Today is the last day to save 25% off on these kits and this short film is a look at the build out process.  Maybe more artfully than what it will look like in your den but still...

Visit the Epic Fly Rods website to check out the kit offerings.  If you have any questions, I'm always glad to discuss any of the Epic fiberglass fly rod line up.  I own or have played with all of them and have some good ideas on fly lines, etc.  Email works best for these conversations.

PAKMULE - Introducing the Scout Riser

A quick search on T.F.M. (scroll down to the search box on the right side of the page) will reveal is a long list of links to PAKMULE on all the adventures we've taken over the years with our Pro Original and Pro Ridgeline hitch carriers.  They are an absolute must for our vehicles for travel and in constant use on our hopped up golf cart when we had it as well for chores on our property.  

The PAKMULE family of hitch carriers is growing this week with the addition of the Scout Riser, which is available in a 4" and 7" riser hitch tongues.  The Scout carrier is also available with a straight hitch to help you figure out the best fit for your vehicle or UTV.

Visit the PAKMULE to check it out and get best fit recommendations.  Remember to use code "FLYFISHING" if purchasing online for a free set of 6' MULEstraps.  Every little bit helps with this "Buy Once, Cry Once" purchase.

BER FLY RODS - McFarland Rods “Aether” 7'7'' 3-Weight

Paolo Bernabei of Ber Fly Rods completed this McFarland Rods "Aether" blank build a few weeks ago but it's too beautiful not to share now.  It's also neat to see that Paolo is part of 'The Collective' with Alternative Tackle.  If you haven't poked around that website, you should as there is a ton of talent assembled amongst those internationally known fly rod builders.

Paolo wrote...  "This is also a glass blank "Special", rolled by Mike McFarland exclusively for 'Alternative Tackle'.  This construction is also part of my collaboration with 'the Collective' A.T.

The rod has a deep progressive action, with a butt that conserves a discrete reserve of power. Perfect for delicate and silent poses.

The look of the rod is very clean, as is my usual.  I chose a nice leopard wood fragment, a velvety slim-fit grip and my hardware retro-looking in ergal and POM.

Visit the Ber Fly Rods website to see more of Paolo's work and be sure to follow along with his latest shop news on Instagram.

Monday, February 19, 2024

FLYLAB - Epic Reference 686 Review

Have you heard of Flylab yet?  They are a membership driven fly fishing resource providing gear reviews, advise, partner deals, and more for $120 a year.  They launched earlier this year and it'll be an interesting model and website to see grow. 

One recent review of note, Andrew Steketee of Flylab does a deep dive on the Epic Reference 686 that is worth a read.  I've said it for years that this is the glass 6-weight from which all glass 6-weights are judged and this review is required reading if you've been considering this fly rod.

Want options?  The Epic 686 is offered as a Blank, Build Your Own Kit, in the Reference Series, or as a Reference 686 Combo with a fly reel and fly line.

There are a handful of glass fly rods that I think everyone should own and this is one of them.