Wednesday, April 17, 2024

LEIDERMAN RODS - McFarland Rods 3-Weight Build

For Matt Leiderman of Leiderman Rods, building fly rods is just one of several jobs that he has.  First, he is a school teacher, and then over the last couple of years, he's put a lot of focus in his watchmaking.  You can follow that journey on the Mecha Horology Instagram page.  And, he builds fly rods when he has time.  During the school year not so much but through the summer, quite a bit. 

During the school year he typically doesn't build too many fly rods and so when this little 3-weight built on a McFarland Rods blank, it was a bit of a surprise.  Even more so was the surprise that it is/was available for someone looking to add something special to their collection. 

If you want this one, slide into those DM's or send him an email.  Like quickly. 

Matt wrote... "Happy to report I’m still kicking after not posting for quite a while.  Still building the occasional rod and lots of cool stuff from the last year I neglected to post.  The watch world is keeping me busy for a bit on that side of my life.

This rod is available for *immediate* delivery.  It was commissioned by a client but was delayed and my client has gone dark. Great chance to get a sweeeeet McFarland 6’9” 3wt with no wait."

Visit the Leiderman Rods website to see more of Matt's work and be sure to follow along on Instagram HERE and HERE to keep up with fly rod and watchmaking updates.

AMFF - Fishing The Collection - Season 2 - Episode 1

A second season of Fishing the Collection is up on the American Museum of Fly Fishing YouTube channel and I get a kick of seeing the selected pieces of their collection put to work on the water. 

A 12-weight Thomas &Thomas Sextant Bamboo?  Yes, please...

Visit the American Museum of Fly Fishing website and consider supporting their work of preserving the history and heritage of fly fishing with your membership.


Everyone needs at least one Turtlebox (two is even better) and a speaker with original brown trout art by Garrison Doctor of Rep Your Water makes this one of a kind.  Even better, it will be given away with a stash of other gear from Cheeky and Wingo Outdoors as part of their Buttery Beats Giveaway.

It's super easy to enter and if you're following each company on Instagram, you'll get additional entries.  The giveaway ends on Friday, April 26th, 2024, and the winner will be announced soon after.

 Enter the Buttery Beats Giveaway HERE.

Sunday, April 14, 2024

Finding the First Stonefly Hatch of the Year

Ease into your Sunday with Rolf telling you a fly fishing story for the next few minutes.  Press PLAY...

Visit the Rolf Nylinder website and see more of his work on his YouTube channel.

MACKENZIE GOLF BAGS - T.F.M. Retro Fly Edition

It didn't take too long in my "re-acquaintance with golf" to start searching out brands within the golf space who are doing cool things.  I've always been prone to the small shops, the artful take, and offerings that might go against the grain of the norm.  Fortunately, there are quite a few of these kind of businesses within golf and it's been neat to come across them.  Typically, first on Instagram...  

One of these companies is MacKenzie Golf Bags and I have several friends who have a custom golf bag (which often times leads to more than one...) and it got me thinking that a Retro Fly version would be neat for me to carry.  That idea started a series of back and forth emails with Nic Mulflur to hash out custom details, color choices, bag style and size, and more.  Through the many emails and design proofs, Nic was always great to work with and I appreciate his patience. 

I had hoped to get a series of step-by-step photographs of the Retro Fly golf bag coming together for this post but the three images that Nic sent just before it shipped were certainly enough to get me excited. 

The bag arrived the other day and the quality of every aspect of this is beyond expectations.  The waxed canvas and leather is going to age wonderfully.

I took some time this morning to get it squared away with a half set of clubs, a few accessories, towel, balls, and if all goes right, I'll go for a walk with it this evening.  I'm looking forward to it.

Special thanks to Nic and the crew at MacKenzie Golf Bags for their incredible work on this bag and for the extras, too.  The Fore Ewe Retro Fly driver and fairway wood knit covers were a nice added touch.

Have an idea for your own custom golf bag?  Visit the MacKenzie Golf Bags website to get started and check out their Instagram page for ideas of past golf bag builds.  Need artful suggestions?  Check out the MacKenzie Artboard Instagram page for ideas.

THE PERRY PORK - Tying “Perry’s Sumer Bug”

Tell me that a bluegill or smallmouth wouldn't just slurp this off the surface?  Press PLAY...

Check out The Perry Pork website and follow along on Instagram and YouTube

Saturday, April 13, 2024

LOON OUTDOORS - Travel Tips with Joshua Schwartz

In this short Loon Outdoors video, Jason Schwartz of Travel Creel Hospitality breaks down how to pack and prepare for a trip.  He starts off with the suggestion of having Global Entry which is GREAT advise, and I've used the closet ask to plane staff for stowing my rod case and that checks out, too. 

Visit the Loon Outdoors website for the latest gear and Travel Creel Hospitality to check out the destinations and trips that they have planned.