Monday, June 27, 2022

PATAGONIA - Tribal Waters

Patagonia is again helping tell stories that need to be told.  Press PLAY...

Do you want to see other impactful films like this?  Subscribe to the their YouTube channel.

WAYPOINTS Podcast - Top Travel Tips for Packing

Last week was a lot of driving for me as I made my way from South Carolina up to Michigan and it also meant I was burning through the podcasts.  The one that really caught my attention was a deep dive into travel tips with Yellow Dog Fly Fishing Travel founder Jim Klug and travel expert Alec Gerbec on the WAYPOINTS Podcast

If you do any sort of travel, this is one to earmark and make their tips part of your planning routine. 

A few takeaways for me that are already part of my own travel playbook...
  • Make a list and check it twice and three times over.
  • Global Entry is a must.  Maybe your credit card pays for it and you didn't know it. Mine do.
  • Pack a small but handy first aid kit with medications that you might need.
  • Bring gifts for guides and staff.  At least on salt trips, hats, sun masks, sun shirts, fly boxes, and polarized sunglasses have always been very much appreciated.
  • Forgo the heavy wheeled luggage and pack a waterproof duffel which is likely 1/4 the weight.
Listen to this WAYPOINTS Podcast and others Yellow Dog Fly Fishing website or on whatever platform you typically listen to podcasts on.

Sunday, June 26, 2022

Introducing SKWALA...and the Mild to Wild Weather Sale

I always have my eyes open for new companies that emerge within the fly fishing space and if SKWALA hasn't already popped up on your radar, take a moment to check out who they are.  I've had a couple recent phone calls with Kevin Sloan, head honcho with over 25 years of experience in apparel design, and they have an interesting vision for what they are cooking up in southwest Montana to enhance the angler experience through carefully designed products. 

And, while you're poking around the website, take note that they have a Mild to Wild Weather Sale going on until July 1st with 20% off their entire Carbon and Fusion collections.  It's worth a look.
Leading up to my annual Beaver Island trip (where I'm writing this post from our apartment over the Dalwhinnie), a few pieces arrived to carry along to include the Carbon Jacket, Fusion Hybrid, and a couple pieces from the SOL lineup.  I'm super impressed by the fabrics, fit, and feel of these pieces and look forward to see how they perform on the water.
Check out SKWALA, sign up for their newsletter, and follow along on social media on Facebook and Instagram. This is a brand to watch and follow along with for sure.

BAR FLY - Tarpon Season Boat Beers

Maybe we all aren't going to find ourselves on the pointy end of a skiff this summer waiting for strings of tarpon to go swimming by so feel free to X out the word "Tarpon" for whatever you're chasing over the next few months as Jeff Harrell of Bar Fly put together a stellar list of boat beers to keep you properly "hydrated".

Click on each image and magnify as needed to read these two images...

 If you ever find yourself near Safety Harbor, a meal, drinks, or both are recommended at Bar Fly.  Tell Jeff that T.F.M. sent you.

Friday, June 24, 2022


I know that I'm late to the party on this but (fly fishing industry cherub) Josh Mills has whipped another Instagram based fundraiser to put a few dollars into the pockets of guides whose summers were wrecked with the historic flooding of the Yellowstone River.  Your summer vacation plans might have been ruined but can you imagine if you had to scrap your entire season of work?

Josh's handy hashtag of #fliesforfloodrelief is doing some great work for those in need and while I'm typing this over $45,000 has been raised so far for the Guide Relief Program.

While you're aimlessly scrolling Instagram this weekend, search the #fliesforfloodrelief hashtag and maybe bid on a few of the online auctions.  It can make a HUGE difference for those in need right now.

EPIC FLY RODS - New Fly Rod & Reel Combos

What's better than an Epic Reference Series fly rod?  How about a perfectly balanced fly rod, reel, and fly line combo that's ready to fish right out of the box?

Epic Fly Rods has matched up some of their favorite fly rods with their Backcountry Fly Reel (which is available in three different sizes) and Scientific Anglers fly lines to create a series of Epic Fly Rods & Reels Combos to check out. 

This is a great bang for your buck.  There are five glass combos and two graphite combos in the mix and they are discounted almost $200 if you purchase a combo.

Check out the Epic Fly Rod & Reel Combos and if you click through any of the affiliate links in this post, a few dollars ends up in the T.F.M. piggy bank.  Thank you in advance. 

Have questions about any of the fiberglass Epic Fly Rods?  Send me an email.  I'm familiar with the entire range and always happy to help.

Saturday, June 18, 2022

SEA RUN CASES - Introducing the Riffle Daily Case

Last weekend a big box arrived from Sea Run Cases which among the boxes included a couple of the new Riffle Daily QR cases (one for me and then one that will be given away on T.F.M. soon...) and the immediate take away was that this is the perfect "daily driver" hard case that is just the right short trips and to have the right gear, along with several fly rods, all in one place.  I plan to set mine up for the back and forth trips to the pond and locally for the many different warmwater spots we visit.  

I'll be giving more thoughts on the Riffle Daily Case soon but in the meantime, check out the Sea Run Cases website for a recent Gear Review.  It's the least expensive model in the line up of cases yet features the same level of protection that the larger cases have.

The "QR" on this case and others in the lineup stands for a Quick Release strap for slinging over your shoulder.  It's worth the extra few dollars to add this feature to your case in my opinion.

Now through the weekend to celebrate Father's Day, save 10% off and free shipping.  

If you are considering a Sea Run Cases but not sure on which model to get, please email.  I have the Expedition Classic, the Norfolk Expedition QR, and now the Riffle QR and can give some feedback on what might work best for you. 

Please note that Sea Run Cases have been featured on T.F.M. for awhile now with a banner ad and I wanted to remind everyone that I have an affiliate relationship with them so if you click through and place an order, a few coins go into the T.F.M. piggy bank.