Sunday, December 17, 2017


With my wife and daughter off on a Christmas time trip to NYC, Finn and I were left home for the weekend to fend for ourselves.  Saturday's slate was more or less clean and when I asked Finn what he wanted to do, he quickly said "Let's go up to the White Sands for lunch and play." 

The White Sands is up through the woods on our family property and it's the perfect place for a couple hours of afternoon fun.  Finn worked on his fire building skills, we plinked old beer cans with the BB gun, and made ramen noodles on our impromptu camp kitchen off the back of the golf cart. 

All in all, we maybe spent $1.00 but I can't put a price on the memories. 

JP ROSS & COMPANY - Christmas Shop Sale

Looking for a last minute Christmas gift?  The JP Ross & Company has a few ideas to consider with fly reels, books, and bracelets on serious sale.

Visit the JP Ross & Company website to check out the discounted prices on the Galvan Brookie fly reel, Ross Reels Eddy, Hand Made Copper Bracelets, and 25% off all books when you use the code "booksale" at checkout. 

Don't forget that JP Ross offers several different fiberglass fly rod blanks and finished builds as well.

Visit the JP Ross & Company website for more information or to place an order.

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

6 Good Reads & A Solid Listen

Most of these online articles have been sitting in draft for a few weeks now and they make for a few good reads to enjoy at the desk today.  The sixer is a mix of interviews, thoughts on taking a couple trout for a meal and a new angle on gear reviews that I like a lot. 

Make sure you press play on the Gierach interview as it goes far beyond many of the other "fanboy" interviews I've read or heard with John before.  The podcast is over an hour of real conversation with a lot of insights to take in from what many would consider on of their favorite fly fishing authors.








What have you been reading and listening to lately?


Simply put, I like this video a lot.  There are a lot of good vibes in this shortie film from Yeti and having worked with a police canine for a few years earlier in my law enforcement career, I'll always have a soft spot for working dogs.

There is a deep rabbit hole of great videos on the Yeti YouTube page.  Enjoy.

Saturday, December 9, 2017

WHISKEY LEATHERWORKS - The Making of a West Fork Wallet

For several months now Danny Earnest of Whiskey Leatherworks and I have been trading emails and phone calls talking about highlighting some of their work and products on The Fiberglass Manifesto.  When Danny messaged about sending a West Fork Wallet for my passport, I suggested that he chronicle the process through photographs to show what goes into their handmade pieces.

The completed West Fork Wallet arrived the other day and the excellence that you see in these photographs is even more evident in hand.  The Horween leather of this wallet should darken in color in the coming years and will certainly endure many miles and every adventure.  Thank you, Danny. 

Danny Earnest wrote...  "We started Whiskey Leatherworks in my workshop here in Missoula with the intention to build a belt.  We didn’t set out to build a name brand or become a well­-known leather goods company.  Our sole intention was to simply create a handmade leather belt, paired with a handmade buckle, both of which needed to be sourced in America and as local as possible.  

We wanted our belts to be rugged, yet refined, and reflect our affinity for the outdoors in the American West.  We wanted a belt that would take us from an upland hunt with our over­-unders, to sipping whiskey and swapping stories at the local distillery.  We wanted a belt our wives would love, our friends would admire, and our kids would inherit. We then turned that same level of attention to designing other lifestyle accessories that we actually needed in our lives. 

One item, several uses...  That was the inspiration behind our West Fork Wallet.  Not only is it great for trips abroad as a passport wallet, but it also serves as a note pad holder and large capacity wallet when being carried state-side.  Each wallet is individually traced, cut and stitched making this an accessory you will have for a lifetime.  Made of American-tanned brown Horween Chromexcel leather; is soft and beautiful from day one."

Each wallet is shipped with a Moleskine 5.5"X3.5" notebook.  Monogramming available as well.

Want a West Fork Field Note Holder/Passport Wallet of your own or gift to someone you know?  Now through December 15th, use discount code "TFM20" for 20% off.  Discount applies to West Fork Wallet orders only.  Orders placed by December 15th will arrive in time for Christmas.


It doesn't seem possible that trailers for the Fly Fishing Film Tour should be rolling out, yet the first one is here from Beattie Productions and Off the Grid Studios.  I am looking forward to seeing the full cut of this one.

Soon the Fly Fishing Film Tour website will be updated with 2018 tour dates and additional trailers.

Friday, December 8, 2017


Artist, guide, friend and all around good dude, Zane Porter of Porter Studios has loaded up his Etsy shop with prints and originals to check out with delivery in time for Christmas.

Interested in a commission?  Check out other T.F.M. posts HERE and HERE of Zane's original work.  The smallmouth/carp piece on my office wall keeps me sane when I am at work more times than I'd like to admit and the artwork that he puts on maps is just amazing.

Visit the Porter Studios Etsy page for more.  Want to discuss something special with Zane?  Contact him through email at