Friday, July 31, 2015

Kancho Borisov - T&T And Kabuto Rods

It's been a bit since I have last highlighted the work of Bulgarian rod builder Kancho Tzvetanov Borisov but he's been busy this summer on two recent builds that are well worth sharing.

Kancho doesn't have a website and even when he shares his work on Facebook and the Fiberglass Flyrodders he does not share much of a narrative regarding each build.  I guess he figures (correctly I might add) that the images will do the talking for him.  This is just stunning work in every way.



Want to see more of Kancho's work?  Check out these previous T.F.M. posts HERE, HERE, HERE, and HERE.

Tenkara Summit 2015 - Estes Park

Do you Tenkara?  If so, consider attending the upcoming Tenkara Summit which will be held in Estes Park, Colorado on September 19th, 2015 and is organized by Tenkara USA.

This is the five year of this event and there is a full program planned for those that attend. 

Estes Park, and the surrounding area, is a tenkara angler's dream with mix of creeks and rivers to fly fish.

Visit the Tenkara USA for more information and to register for this event.

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

6 Cool Things To Read

Another week and another six favorite articles I've combed the fly fishing internet for.  Enjoy.

Photog, writer, and all around good dude goes to Alaska and of course comes back with a story.

Artist Bob White goes one on one with artist and teacher Josh Udesen for this feature.

Paul Beel of Frankenfly has a new good idea.  I'm down with the bass and I'm going to need a couple of these decals.  (hint, hint...)

Tim Schultz with a little piece of prose for your day.

I know I have been highlighting a lot of Stalking The Seam's articles in these posts but they continue to pass along great content.

Make sure you read the Behind The Lens edition as well.

Photographer, filmmaker, and whatever else he can still fit on the plate, Russ Schnitzer, is profiled on the Western Rise Blog as one of their ambassadors.  Seriously cool.

What are you reading online this week?

Flood Tide Co. - Fall Tailers Ball

Clear the schedule for the evening of Tuesday, September 9th for the Flood Tide Co. (and friends) Fall Tailers Ball at Palmetto Brewery in Charleston, South Carolina.

You might want to cross out work on the 10th to recover.  Just saying...

One part film fest, one part live music, ten parts party.

Entries for the film fest will be accepted until September 1st, 2015.

More information on the Facebook events page.

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Wandering Blue Lines - Largemouth Bass

The art of Tyler Hackett of Wandering Blue Lines is yet another example of someone who I've met through Instagram and it's been stellar to follow along with his process as an artist as he takes on new projects.

Recently Tyler and I traded a few emails and I asked if he would take the time to chronicle a new piece of artwork from sketch to print to application and cutout on plywood.  The largemouth bass is one of his latest offerings and this is how it's done.

Tyler wrote...  "Each print starts out as a drawing that is focused on each fish’s defining characteristics. The drawing is then transferred to a piece of birch plywood that has been stained dark grey. I then begin carving the plate; all of the areas I cut away represent areas that will remain white after printing. The plate is then sealed with shellac and allowed to dry. A roller is used to deposit a thin layer of oil-based ink on the plate, which is then run through the press with a piece of acid free paper. The resulting print is peeled from the plate and allowed to dry.

The dried prints are then individually hand colored, slight variations from one print to another make each of them one of a kind works of art. The colored prints are then cut out, and pasted onto a finish grade piece of plywood, the fish is then cut out once again. Each fish is then sanded by hand, mounted with hanging hardware on the back, and made ready for display."

Check out the Wandering Blue Lines website for more information and examples of Tyler's excellent work.  There are quite a few fish that are now offered through the Individual Fish Prints page.

Follow along with the latest art and shop work on Instagram and Twitter.

Fly Fish Food - Card's Cicada

It's high time to fill up the terrestrial fly boxes for trout, bluegill, and anything else that will eat some 2mm foam tied to a hook and Fly Fish Food has you covered with the Card's Cicada Variation.

Check out the Fly Fish Food website for the recipe and tutorial and browse through the many fly tying videos on their YouTube page.

Saturday, July 25, 2015

Jim Teeny - Saturday Double Shot

This is a busy end to the week for Jim Teeny with a new video put together by H&H Outfitters and a podcast going live with April Vokey for all to enjoy.

Listen to the podcast on the April Vokey website or through iTunes.

Check out the Jim Teeny website for more information.