Thursday, November 15, 2018

Swing Season - Ghost Of Steelhead Future

Sage is back with another well done story to watch and consider.  Press PLAY...

Take a minute to scroll through the Swing Season page on the Sage website.  It's worth a look at the imagery and read the words too.

LOON LIVE: Swing for Glory

After a short hiatus, Loon Outdoors is back on schedule with another Loon Live tying session this evening.  Tonight's step by step pattern instruction include Anderson's Euphoria and the Wiggle Squid.  It's time to get your steelhead boxes back in shape.

Jump on this session HERE.

Wednesday, November 14, 2018


Grossman punches the clock of 40, Jason Tucker finds brook trout in new places, two "scientists" get nerdy on what's in the water, the Floridian Viking shares a favorite streamer pattern, Rick Crawford's does some real talk on the environment, Puckett and Benson tell a story and much more are all packed into the freshest issue of Southern Culture On The Fly.


Fly Fishing Belize: 2 Grand Slams in 2 Days

Some things are just unbelievable but if two Grand Slams in two days were going to really happen, my money would be that Blue Horizon Belize guides Lincoln Westby and Marlin Leslie would be pointing out the shots.  I've been in both of their pangas several times and have always come away learning way more than when I stepped off on the dock at the end of the day.

Well, that settles it, I can't stop thinking about getting back to Belize now...

Tuesday, November 13, 2018

LIVINGSTON ROD CO. - "Livingston Glass" Announcement

Over the ten years that I've written The Fiberglass Manifesto, there are few things that give me more satisfaction than seeing small shop custom fly rod builders find success.  A handful of these builders not only build fly rods but have also taken their rod taper philosophies and created their own line ups of fiberglass (some graphite or bamboo as well) blanks.  Doing this has often times taken years of work and certainly a lot of investment of time and money to arrive at the final results.  

Dusty Smith of Livingston Rod Company made the decision early to design his own tapers and over the past several years has received great acclaim from anglers for his work in both his fiberglass and graphite blanks and fly rods that he offers.  His "Western Glass" and "Flats Glass" series of fly rods will soon see the addition of "Livingston Glass" which are a series of shorter fly rods made for small and medium sized waters.

Though not listed on the Livingston Rod Company website yet, Dusty Smith announced this new series on the Fiberglass Flyrodders forum the other day and I figured that it was worth a share here as well.

Dusty Smith of Livingston Rod Co. wrote...  "First a thank you for the large amount of support I have received from the members of this forum since the inception of the Livingston Rod Co and the Western Glass Series. Due to that support I am pleased to announce my new series, Livingston Glass.

Livingston Glass: 

We all have our favorite small to medium sized waters, so I set out to design a series of rods for those special waters. Whether you’re fishing your favorite stream or exploring to see what waits for you beyond the next bend I wanted rods suited for the many small to medium sized streams that are often our sanctuaries away from the rest of the world.

Utilizing the same Unidirectional S-Glass as my Western Glass I am able to create light, full flexing rods, with the responsiveness we’ve come to enjoy from Uni-S Glass. All Livingston Glass blanks are rolled domestically and are in a 3pc tip over butt configuration.

7’ 3wt: For the smaller blue lines. The ones that have our favorite wild/native trout where a 10” fish is a monster. Relaxed, smooth, and full flexing, this rod will be a blast on tiny trout streams.

7’6” 3wt: For those streams that are just a little bit bigger, where you might run into 12-14 incher or might to do a little high sticking. Full flexing like the 703 with a little more power in the lower section.

7’6” 4wt: A dry fly rod for smaller to medium sized streams or anywhere trout are sipping insects. Full flexing for those delicate presentations. When I was developing this rod I kept thinking of the stream in PA where I taught myself how to fish.

8’ 4wt: The bigger brother to the 764, a great Spring Creek rod. A little more power in the lower half and perfect for dry flies. I can think of some very famous and not so famous spring creeks this rod would excel on. Not to mention freestones with great PMD, Sulphur, and Baetis hatches.

8’ 5wt: This rod is made for your “Area 51”. The one stream you have to get away from it all and also where you might run into a 16-20” trout. For those medium sized streams where you need to throw hoppers, drakes, hendricksons, stoneflies, or any attractor a trout would want to eat. This is going to be my headwater hopper rod where I get some 20” Cutts. Between Medium and Medium fast, very responsive but enough power to punch through a breeze with a hopper.

8’ 6wt: The bigger brother to the 805 and little brother to the Western Glass 866. This is an all around 6, for those days where you may need to nymph, throw woolly buggers, and cast small dry flies. What comes to mind for me are streams like the Ruby in March, April, and October, not to mention the great eastern mid sized streams like the Willowemoc, Kettle, or Young Womans’ Creeks in the Early Spring and the Fall. A bit more power in the lower half than the 805 but with great feel.

Rods are finished with the finest components available, Livingston Rod Lemke Seats (slide bands for the 703, 763, and 764), Snake Brand Universal Light wire Guides (regular light wire for 3wts), Flor Grade Grips, and will come with a Rod Tube w/logo and bag. Rods come in 3 colors, White/Clear, Brown, and Black (in limited quantities).

Rod prices: $600 Agate guides and darkened hardware are available upon request and will be priced on a custom basis.

Blanks: $230 Presently blanks are only available in white/clear."

Interested in learning more?  Visit the Livingston Rod Company website and be sure to follow along with the latest shop news on Facebook and Instagram.


The Filson Sourcebook 2018/19 arrived in my mailbox a few days ago (which has now been followed by the online flip book version) and this is what dream apparel and gear lists are made of.  Everything that Filson sells is in this book which is spread out over 180 pages and worth a look through. 

Click to view the Filson Sourcebook 2018/19.  Apologies in advance to your new credit card balance...

Monday, November 12, 2018

ECHO FLY FISHING - Replacement Rod Tip Sections Are Genius

A couple of months ago I was down in Florida for a work conference and on the way back I had a chance to spend some time on the pointy end of Steve Seinberg's skiff.  I still need to tell that story with a blog post since we had a stellar time looking around for juvenile tarpon but there was a moment of "tragedy" striking when the tip of my ECHO Bad Ass Glass Quickshot eight weight was snapped off in a boat mishap.    Boat hatch doors love to eat tips for snacks and this was a good reminder that rod holders are there for a reason.  Lesson learned...

Sending off a fly rod for a warranty repair is never fun and when I finally got around to sending off an email to ECHO Fly Fishing to figure out the process, I almost instantly received a response back pointing me to the Replacement Rod Tip Sections webpage.  A scroll trough the drop down box, a couple of clicks, $17.50 (plus shipping) on the credit card and two days later a new tip arrived putting the Quickshot was back in service. 

While I haven't talked about them much yet on T.F.M. but the ECHO Bad Ass Glass Quickshot fly rods are everything that I hoped this series would be when Tim Rajeff and I started talking about them a couple of years ago.

Short (this series are all 8' in length) heavy line weight fiberglass fly rods are made with big flies and big fish in mind.  Inevitably this can mean a broken rod every now and then from the abuse and the possibility of a fix that is both inexpensive and quick brings a lot of piece of mind.

Visit the ECHO Fly Fishing website to learn more about the Bad Ass Glass Quickshot line up along with how they approach warranty and repairs.