Sunday, October 14, 2018

SIGHT LINE PROVISIONS - Curated Collection Fall Giveaway

Edgar Diaz of Sight Line Provisions has called in favors with a solid short list of industry friends and put together the Curated Collection Fall Giveaway that is in it's final days.  There is over $2,200 of gear in the mix and takes just a couple minutes to submit your name.  Follow each giveaway sponsor on Instagram to increase your chances to win to eight chances instead of just one.

Here's what's up for grabs in this giveaway...

To play, visit the Curated Collection Fall Giveaway page and good luck.

ORVIS Presents: Mend

In Mend, Orvis tells the story of Joey Maxim and how fly fishing helped to bring him back to life from tragedy.  Click PLAY and enjoy.

Visit the Orvis YouTube page for an entire library of videos to deep dive into.

Thursday, October 11, 2018

THE SUSTAINABLE ANGLER - Tips on Plastic-Free Camping

A couple of years ago I shook hands with Rick Crawford at a shindig that Flood Tide Co. was throwing and liked him immediately.  He's a "life of the party" kind of guy, wears loud Hawaiian shirts, smiles a lot and will happily buy you a drink.  It was also very evident within our first conversation that he had a focused plan for his company, Emerger Strategies and it's been interesting to watch his work extend through the fly fishing industry as he works with companies and lodges, hosts round table discussions and always looking to extend his reach.  Ideas, followed up by action, in conservation, environmental impact and sustainability are all in his wheelhouse and he's helping businesses make better choices for the future.  

Recently Rick published several posts on his blog, The Sustainable Angler, which focused on a trip to the Everglades earlier this year and highlighted the deliberate ways that he went "plastic-free". 

You can click through each post here...


Life without all plastics is unlikely but by being aware we can all make more deliberate choices when it comes to things like single-use plastics.  I know that our family is trying to make better decisions with everything from remembering to bring fabric shopping bags with us to the grocery store to re-usable straws to topping off metal water canisters instead of grabbing another damn plastic water bottle from the fridge.  Every little (and big) choice counts in making a difference.

Check out the Emerger Strategies website and follow along on The Sustainable Angler Facebook page as Rick is constantly posting great content there as well.

LOON OUTDOORS - The Perpetrator

Loon Outdoors knows that it's time to top off the steelhead fly boxes and the Perpetrator is a solid choice to make sure that you have a few of. 

Here's what you'll need to tie the Perpetrator at your own vise.

Hook Tiemco 9395 - Size 6
Bead 3/16th
Trailer Gamakatsu C14S - Size 4
Wire Senyo Intruder Wire Small
Body Ice Dub and Mercer's Buggy Nymph
Collar Mallard and Guinea
Dubbing Collar Ice Dub

Press PLAY  for the tutorial...

Visit the Loon Outdoors for all your Fly Tying Tools needs and take a deep dive onto the Loon Live and Fly Tying video pages for a library full of tying tutorials.

Wednesday, October 10, 2018

TIGHTLOOP FLY RODS - Tom Morgan Rodsmiths "Japan Special"

It's not all that often that a rod builder actually builds a fly rod for themself and often times when they do, they'll end up selling it before it's been finished.  I've seen it happen so many times and the one person who you'd think just has to own dozens of fly rods typically doesn't even have but a couple.  Or maybe none at all.  It's actually quite surprising.

This morning during my early morning quick peruse of Facebook with a cup of coffee, I noticed that George Minculete of Tightloop Fly Rods had just finished a build for himself (that he appears to be keeping) on a Tom Morgan Rodsmiths 6'9" two piece "Japan Special" three weight blank that really shows off his skills in creating something extraordinary and instantly classic.

An explanation of this Tom Morgan Rodsmiths fiberglass blank can by found in Tom's words...

"In addition to the standard weight blanks and rods, I have added two 3-weights in 6' 9" and 7' 3" lengths with a slightly lighter action designed especially for Japanese anglers who generally fish shorter distances than American anglers. I worked with a very knowledgeable Japanese angler to get these rods just right. When he cast the final design he thought it was absolutely perfect. These rods are designed to fish in the 12 to 35-foot range. However, this is not to say that my normal 3-weight rods are stiff because they are not (Note: Other anglers may also prefer these rods under special conditions where they are primarily fishing short distances. In the beginning I thought only Japanese anglers would be the primary customers but many other anglers around the world have enjoyed them for their in close delicate fishing. In addition, some anglers will like these light action rods with 2-weight lines for fishing longer distances or where they are accustomed to a little faster rod.)"

Would you like to see more of George's work?  Visit the Tightloop Fly Rods website and follow along with the latest shop news on Facebook and Instagram.

The Alaskan Glass Benders

You just can't keep Norbert Renaud of Flies with Attitude away from the toothy critters and the Swift Fly Fishing Bandit is just the perfect tool for hucking large flies and bringing large fish like this to the boat.  I hardly go anywhere without my Bandit and I don't think Norbert does either.

Visit the Flies with Attitude website for more on Norbert's Alaskan adventure and of course, check out the Swift Fly Fishing website to pick up your own Epic Bandit Blank, Epic Studio Built Fly Rod or Epic Ready to Wrap Kit.

Tuesday, October 9, 2018

6 Good Reads

A couple of these articles have been sitting in the hopper for a few weeks, the rest are more recent and each are all worth your time.  This edition's six-pack covers the intrigue of "Muskie Camp", the Meateater website adds new content contributors including April Vokey, Sage takes us into the backcountry, there is a Q&A with artist and all-around good dude Paul Puckett, the license plate art of Cody Richardson and the one crab pattern you need for Belize and beyond.  Enjoy.







What have you been reading this week?