Friday, April 21, 2017

YETI | Stories - 120 Days

Watch and watch again.  The boys from Felt Soul Media making moving picture magic.

Click PLAY. Enjoy.

More on this film on the YETI Stories web page, so be sure to check it out.

ANGLING TRADE - Spring 2017

The latest issue of Angling Trade is live and full of the latest industry news and scuttlebutt.


Thursday, April 20, 2017

LOON LIVE - Stocker Trout & Slayer Sculpin

Is it already Thursday?  It's time for another free LOON LIVE fly tying session brought to you for from Loon Outdoors.

Tonight's session will feature the Stocker Trout and Slayer Sculpin which both have a place in your warmwater fly box.  The Stocker Trout pattern would kill on the Saluda River for stripers right now.

Check out past Loon Live fly tying sessions HERE.

Visit the Loon Outdoors website for everything from tying tools to swag.

KIMBERLY Z. ARTWORK - Hides + Skins Giveaway

Hopefully you already checked out the recent T.F.M. post which highlighted the artwork of Kimberly Z. Artwork and thought it would for a follow up mention that she is giving away an original Hides + Skins 24"x36" canvas to one of her Instagram followers.

Kimberly messaged recently that she has begun to do these skins as commissions for anglers who would like to remember a particular fish caught with a skin original rather than a more traditional trophy focus of art.  I sent her an image of a 20 inch Booneville Cutthroat that I caught a few years ago in Wyoming which may end up as a piece of art in the near future.

Want to play along to win your own custom skin?  Here's the rules...

1.  Jump on Instagram and follow @kimberlyzartwork.
2.  Tag a friend in the comments under the giveaway post.
3.  Extra credit for sharing a favorite hide or skin and tag her Instagram page in the post.

Good luck.  There is still time to get in on this stellar giveaway.

Sunday, April 16, 2017

That New Dock Smell

Soon after my wife and I started dating (some twenty years ago...) I made a trip down to South Carolina to meet her parents along with her extended family.  I was kind of blown away by a couple of things.  Her family was unbelievably welcoming to a Michigan Yankee and I had never really had Southern comfort food, which was an experience all it's own.  Lastly, the family property, which is several hundred acres with a large pond that more or less splits it all in two, was beautiful.  Fields and woods with different family members homes here and there with a pond that extends way up into the woods to the creek where it all begins.  This was a special place.

Melissa's parents had a dock on the pond and since she and I were in a Photography 101 (think simple SLR's, film, dark room, etc.) college course, we spent quite a bit of time down there taking a few images for class.  It was also a good opportunity to spend a few minutes alone and talk while sitting on the edge with feel dangling over the edge.  The dock was old, gnarled with a few boards warped which added to the character, but still very stable and extending out over the pond.

That dock continued to live on for another decade and a half until a couple winters ago it had to be taken apart and pulled out of the pond.  Nails and screws were pulling out, the wood was deteriorating, and it wasn't at all safe anymore.

We have "homework" images re-printed from film of that dock up on our walls.  It was over 30 years old and my wife remembers being maybe five years old when it was built.  A lot of memories were pulled from the pond with it gone.  It was sad to see it go, but it was clearly time.

Over late winter and early spring we have all worked together to build a new dock and it was finally finished last Sunday afternoon.  This project represented a handful of Sundays digging in the mud, hoisting big boards, a few swear words, and sore muscles to start each Monday after.  It's done and the hard work was well worth it.  

This new dock will be a focal point for the family for the next few decades to come and our children, along with their cousins, are already making memories down there.  Hard work pays off and some of the best equals time spent as a family for the benefit of our children. 

RIO PRODUCTS - How To Fish A Streamer From A Boat

The RIO Products instructional video series continues with some tips on being effective when casting streamers from a drift boat on a river float.

Check out the RIO Products website and follow along on the Vimeo page for other excellent videos.

Saturday, April 15, 2017

CABELA'S - CGR Fiberglass Fly Rods - 1/2 Off & Free Shipping

While you were sleeping last night the Cabela's CGR Fiberglass Fly Rods went from full price to half price and a little bird passed along a free shipping code that's good through April 19th, 2017.

Keep reading.

I really like the CGR line up and at half price they are an absolute steal.  For you, for your kid, or for a friend that's been thinking about getting into fly fishing, this fly rod (or buy a couple) is a great start.

Check out this past T.F.M. review of the entire line up...


Visit the Cabela's website to purchase and remember to use free shipping discount code "47rods" during checkout.  This offer and code is good through April 19th, 2017.