Saturday, February 17, 2018


Scribble it down on your day planner that the Orvis Down the Hatch Fly Fishing Festival is coming to Asheville, North Carolina on April 14, 2018.  This will be an afternoon of music, "Guide Olympics", good food and drinks at Highland Brewing and of course films.  There will also be a truck load of raffles and giveaways to get yourself in on as well.

I've attended Down the Hatch events in both Missoula and Asheville and the friends at Orvis know how to throw a party.

Proceeds from ticket sales and .50 cents from each pint will be donated to the conservation efforts of Trout Unlimited Land O' Sky Chapter.

Need more information?  Visit the Orvis Down the Hatch webpage

Get your tickets HERE before they are all gone.


The trailer to this cut from what will be a 90 minute film was shared the other week on T.F.M. and these nine minutes go deeper into what the Finding Joe Brooks film project will cover in depth.  I can't wait to see the whole story which should be released around Father's Day.

Visit The Joe Brooks Story website for more information and follow the latest updates on this film project on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Friday, February 16, 2018

BONAFIDE KAYAKS - The SS127 Overview

For almost a year now I've been following along with Bonafide Kayaks and watched as their innovative ideas in kayak design have become a reality with the feature rich SS127 which will soon be followed by the smaller SS107

In this video Bonafide Kayaks Founder/CEO Luther Cifers breaks the SS127 down feature by feature with follow up videos in the works which will be posted on their YouTube page.

Visit the Bonafide Kayaks website for more information and follow along with the latest announcements on the Facebook page.

Want to see a Bonafide kayak in person?  Visit your local dealer.


For the entire month of February, Hook + Gaff, Flood Tide Co., Cheeky and Wingo Belts working together on a giveaway with the goods coming in at over $1,000.  It's easy to play and the winner will be announced March 1st, 2018.

Up for grabs in this giveaway...

  • Cheeky Limitless 425 Fly Reel
  • Hook & Gaff Sportfisher II Classic With Blue Dial and Ocean Camo Strap
  • 6 Wingo Custom Belts
  • 2 Pairs of Wingo Fish Skin Socks
  • Flood Tide Apparel Tailer Logo Pocket Tee, Vintage Skiff Trucker, New Spring Belt Buckle, New Foam Coozie and Stickers

Enter HERE.  Good luck.

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

THE PALOMETA CLUB - Ascension Bay Bonefish Day

I woke to clear skies on our first morning at the Palometa Club and though it was still dark out, anticipation and humidity were heavy in the air.  Even though we had readied gear the night before, putting fly rods put together, tying fresh leaders and fingered through each others fly boxes to point out favorite crab and shrimp patterns, everyone was up before breakfast to double (and triple) check things.  We were all ready to get out on Ascension Bay to look for permit, bonefish and whatever else might eat a fly.    

My roomie Matt and I were paired with guides Carlos and Sami on the first day and since Matt hadn't ever caught a bonefish, and I really hadn't caught all that many either, we decided to ease into what would become a typically tough week of permit angling with a full day of bonefish.

We motored to a couple mangrove flats picking off a bonefish here and there and then moved to another area where Matt and Sami got out on a huge shallow white sand flat while Carlos and I went across to the other side of the flat.  The boat was anchored and we began slowly and methodically walking through the skinny water.  We found several large groups of bonefish which numbered in the hundreds.  They created tiny ripples on the water as they moved as a group from right to left and then suddenly, for seemingly no reason at all, they would abruptly turn and swim away from where we stood still waiting on them.

The morning turned to afternoon and after a quick lunch at the boat, we again went in different directions on a long walk around the flats.  None of the bonefish caught (or even seen) were all that large but it was still a great day to work on shallow water presentations and intercepting singles, doubles and feeding groups.  Having a kind of leisure day full of light and little wind was a stellar welcome to Ascension Bay.      

A quick gear note to mention that the Swift Fly Fishing Epic 686, which was paired with a Hatch Outdoors 5 Plus and a Scientific Anglers Amplitude Bonefish fly line, were perfect for this day of bonefish.  These fish in skinny water required a long light delivery which was ideal for this six weight fly rod outfit.  The Epic 686 is my new favorite bonefish fly rod for these kind of situations.

Want to visit The Palometa Club?  They are running several different travel specials right now for both spring and summer trips.  Follow along the latest lodge news (with a heavy dose of permit photos) on their Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages.


The peeps at Howler Brothers have launched their Spring 2018 Collection which is complete with new shirts, shorts, and hats that are awash in fresh colors, prints, and plaids.

It's time to "HEED THE CALL" and grab something new for coming warm weather.

Visit the Howler Brothers website to check out the new collection and remember to use the T.F.M. discount code of "TFM2018" for 20% off your order.

Monday, February 12, 2018


Just in time for that extended office coffee break, the latest issue of Southern Culture On The Fly is live.  No. 26 is packed with all kinds of fishiness and Grossman plays carny with the Pig Farm Ink circus.