Monday, September 10, 2018

SWIFT FLY FISHING - The Epic 580 is Back

Last week Carl McNeil of Swift Fly Fishing and I traded a few messages about what's been going on in their New Zealand shop as of late and since then the Epic 580 has been reintroduced and is now available as a Blank, Ready to Wrap Kits and Studio Built Fly Rods.

The next generation FastGlass II four piece Epic 580 is built out of S2 Zentron composite fiberglass and offered in the three colors of Amber, Nude and Olive. The FastGlass II blanks feature 8 micron fibers that are developed and produced in the USA. The unidirectional materials result in tighter, more precise and stronger fly rods.

From a angling and casting stand point, the Epic 580 is an excellent choice as a "good at a lot of different things" kind of fly rod.  Make adjustments with a short stack of different fly lines and you'll be ready for just about anything that you'd ever need a five weight to do from dry flies to nymphing and streamers.

SnakeBelly exterior finish gives these blanks unbelievable toughness and after production they are painted and clear coated. This produces blanks that are both scratch resistant and durable. The preciseness of the SureFit Ferule system means that breakages can be fixed with a black section replacement instead of an entire blank.

Studio Built Fly Rods now a new option for reel seat hardware with native New Zealand hardwood along with black or silver metal reel seats.

While we likely won't see these stateside, Swift Fly Fishing will be offering what they are calling "Epic Standard" built fly rods through their dealers in Japan and Scandinavia.  These fly rods will be offered in olive color only on the four piece Epic 370, Epic 476, Epic 580 and Epic 686 blanks and these builds will include a matching glass reel seat.

Visit the Swift Fly Fishing website for more information and follow along on Facebook and Instagram for the latest shop news and announcements.

P.S.  I've mentioned it before that I have an ongoing affiliate relationship with Swift Fly Fishing and this post is a good reminder that each purchase made from the links in these posts puts a few dollars in the T.F.M. piggy bank.  If you do place an order, please let me know by sending an email to  I'd be happy to send along a T.F.M. swag package as thanks.

HOWLER BROTHERS - The Aguacero Rain Jacket Has Arrived

I mentioned it a few weeks back in the Howler Brothers Fall 2018 Collection announcement that it was coming, but the Aguacero Rain Jacket has arrived and is ready to check out.

This IFTD award winning jacket is offered in four colorways and features 2.5 layer stretch waterproof fabric, bungee drawcords, taped seams, Western-style front pockets with snap pockets and it all fits into it's own hood pouch.

The tough part is figuring out which color you want.

Visit the Howler Brothers website to check out the new Aguacero Rain Jacket and remember to use the T.F.M. discount code of "TFM2018" for 20% off your order.

Saturday, September 8, 2018


"Carp Freaks" can rejoice, Sight Line Provisions has (finally) released a Carp Bracelet for those who dig chasing these fish with hopes that they will take a fly.

Visit the Sight Line Provisions website to check it out and follow along on Facebook and Instagram for the latest shop news.

JP ROSS FLY RODS - Glass Blank & Ross Reel Sale

JP Ross Fly Rods is kicking off the coming fall season with a blank and fly reel sale that is worth a look.  Today through Wednesday, September 12, 2018, you can purchase a Muir, Black Jack or Wild Card blank that is matched with a Ross Reel with a hefty discount approaching or over $100 off for the combo.

EDIT - Use code "TFM" for an additional $30 off.  Thanks JP for the extra extra.

Visit the JP Ross Fly Rods website for details and more information.

Tuesday, September 4, 2018

GRAYWOLF RODS - Ameriglass E-Glass Ultralight Spinning Rod

Great things happen when rod builder Shane Gray of Graywolf Rods and taper guru Mike McFarland of McFarland Rods collaborate.  Their latest creation is a six foot ultralight E-Glass spinning rod which might make you think about putting your fly rod down for a bit.

Or use the already worn out excuse that your children would REALLY enjoy it but we all know who will be fishing with it most.

No judgment here at all as tossing a spinning rod (with crickets even) after decades of not has me wanting one of these for my own collection.

Shane wrote...  "An ultra light spinning rod made of yellow E-Glass!  What's not to love? 

These blanks where designed by Mike McFarland and are sold under the Ameriglass brand name.

This rod is 6 foot and rated at 2 - 6 pounds.  The pleasant full flex action makes this rod the perfect choice for your next light line, panfish or trout trip.

I've spent a month on the reel seat hardware design.  The hardware is simple, yet attractive.  All handmade from nickel silver, blued and buffed to give an "antique" look."

  • 6'0" Length
  • 2-6 lbs Ultralight 
  • Full Flex Action
  • Two piece
  • Handmade nickel silver hardware
  • Asking $395 with a rod tube shipped in the U.S.A.

Interested?   Please contact Graywolf Rods with questions, intent to purchase or to inquire about international shipping options. 

The Introduction: New Zealand's Brown Trout Story

I know, it's Tuesday but it really feels like a Monday.  You deserve a break already. Take twenty minutes and enjoy this documentary on how those oversized brown trout ended up in New Zealand's rivers and lakes.

Solid work, Jack Kós.

Monday, September 3, 2018


One of the translations of the word "Sakura" means pink and Kazutomo Ijuin of Ijuin-Rod has offered his 7'6" three piece four weight parabolic blank in this color in very limited runs that he has built commissioned fly rods on and then a few blanks have landed in the hands of custom fly rod builders as well.

Recently Tomo posted two Sakura builds built for clients which was followed a couple of days later with Matt Leiderman finishing a build that has been listed on the Leiderman Rods website for sale.

Here's several build takes on the Sakura blanks to enjoy.



Matt wrote...  "This is about as unique a rod as you’ll find from my shop.  The pink blank is the start but the details bring the build home.  The reel seat is Lacewood with nickel silver, which I RARELY use anymore due to supply issues and machining properties.  The seats is custom machined, or better described as carved, with many gentle swoops and curves.  While a general profile was machined, much of the final design was shaped on the lathe by hand using a series of files and, eventually, sanding.  The acorn-style butt cap adds a fantastic detail as well as the rounded wedding-band style rings and swooped cork check.  The winding check matches the cork check in profile.  I personally feel the hardware adds a Japanese and feminine quality to this unique blank.  The grip is a very slender 5.5″ full wells style.  The wraps are light pink tipped grey with maroon accents at the grip and ferrules.  A pink agate rounds out the build.  This rod was a fun creative venture and I’m pleased and proud of the final product.  That said, it is NOT a style I will do often or possibly ever again."

Want to see more from both builders?  Visit the Ijuin-Rod and Leiderman Rods websites but follow along with the latest shops news HERE and HERE.