Sunday, July 21, 2024

FISH ON! CUSTOM RODS - Japanese Ijuin-Rods Blanks in Stock

There are a series of posts in the works with Fish On! Custom Rods as their shop is the source of a long list of very cool things.  I figured that I'd pass along that if you're looking for any of the Ijuin-Rod blanks stateside, they are in stock on the Fish On! website.   

I don't have experience with many of the Ijuin-Rod blanks but can't speak a word against my Kazutomo Ijuin built Ijuin-Rod 7' 3-weight.  It's absolutely wonderful, a full-flex fairy wand, and the consensus online seems to be the same with all of Tomo's well thought out tapers.

Visit the Fish On! Custom Rods website to see everything they offer and check out their Ijuin-Rods page to see the dozen different blanks they have in stock.

BIKE TO FLY - 9 Days of Bikepacking & Fly Fishing Through Patagonia

What a epic journey. Videographer Will Phelps and friends take on Patagonia on bikes. Press PLAY...

Subscribe to the Phelps on the Fly YouTube channel for more goodness.

TIPPETS AND TALES - Dry Goods Store Now Open!!!

The DM's on Instagram easily stretch back four years with Brad Eaton of Tippets and Tales.  We had known each other online since the beginnings of T.F.M. but when Finn got serious about golf, and I started playing (poorly) myself, our obsessions very much meshed with both fly fishing and golf.  Our DM's turned into meeting up the past two summers for golf trips around Michigan and a lot of chats on places where we could mix days on the water with a round or several of golf.

Brad is exceptionally good with his hands and builds fly rods, sews rod socks and cinch bags, makes metal or wood markers, wooden marker displays, and even built himself several choice wood putters.  The guy is talented and last week added a Tippet and Tales Dry Goods page to his website which he will continue to add items to.  My thought?  Put that golf swinging trout on everything...

Have an idea for a project?  Metal or wood markers for an upcoming buddies golf trip?  Need a special display?  Give Brad a shout through his contact page. 

Check out the Tippets and Tales website, poke around the T&T Dry Goods page, and follow along with the latest shop news on Instagram

Saturday, July 20, 2024

REDINGTON - The Taco Tour - Episode 1

I really like fly fishing and I really like tacos. It's fun to see that Redington tapped on the shoulder of Mario Guel of Taco Fly Co. for a series of shortie films where he visits fishy folk in Montana, sip on "Special Beers", and find all best taco joints.  Press PLAY for the first episode with more on the way.

Want to get ahead?  The rest of the episodes are up on the Redington YouTube channel.

KABUTO RODS - All Blanks Available to Order

The other day, Yasuyuki Kabuto of Kabuto Rods posted on his social media pages that all of eleven of his fiberglass blanks tapers are in stock and, the part that was interesting to me, they are all offered in five different color choices.  His offerings start with a 7'3" 2-weight and extend to a 8'3" 6/7-weight.

Personally, I'm really drawn to the dark yellow and brown Kabuto Rods blanks as far as a color choice but realize that might not be everyone's preference.  I could consider these blanks to typically have a "strong" progressive taper and it's not uncommon to go up one line weight to find the fly line weight match that works best for your casting stroke. 

Visit the Kabuto Rods website to check out their many blank offerings and follow along on Facebook and Instagram for the latest shop news.

PAUL PUCKETT - Timelapse of "A Grand Day"

Let's get today started with artist Paul Puckett and some "Happy Little Waves" vibes.  Press PLAY...

Puckett is starting to upload more videos and podcasts on his YouTube channel, so click on the subscribe button.  He's a fun follow on Instagram, too.

Tuesday, July 16, 2024

FLYLAB - Epic Reference 476 Review

The folks at Flylab have been in overdrive lately in publishing gear reviews and Kirk Deeter's deep dive into the Epic Reference 476 is worth reading if you've been considering a new glass 4-weight.  

This Epic model is out of stock right now but you can pre-order an Epic 476 Limited Edition Black fly rod or the Reference 476 Packlight is in stock.  The Packlight is the same taper but in an easier to travel with size in five pieces.

Are you a member of Flylab?  Check it out and consider the community for gear reviews, discounts, and more.