Saturday, May 2, 2015

6 Cool Things To Read

It's a busy weekend here with a whole lot of family time and Finn turning six years old.  Our little man is growing up and I'm wondering where the last half dozen years have went to.

Here's six favorite blog posts and websites across the fly fishing internet this week.

The Chi Wulff crew talks to Tom Brodhead of 406 Fly Lines in this two part interview.

Please read PART 1 and then PART 2.  Then buy youself a new fly line HERE.

I've been wearing Danner Acadia boots for the past dozen years at work and they have never failed me.  Come to find out they keep up with a decent blog that's worth checking out.

The crew at Deneki Outdoors pens their thoughts on the ECHO Glass Spey two hander.

Tim Romano gives his thoughts on the Co2ld Waters film that he was apart of that has been part of the F3T line up this go around.  All the crazies show up in the comment section...

I guess I've known Alex Cerveniak for a half dozen years and it's been cool to see him put together his guide business in northern Michigan.

It's also kinda cool to get one of my photographs from the Au Sable River float I did with Alex last summer in this blog post.

I really don't but he certainly does travel better than I get to.  Damn him...  

Sign up for his email dispatches while you're on the website.  His updates are a stellar photo escape.

Enjoy.  See you again Monday morning.  I'm taking the rest of the weekend off to play with Finn.


The full length films from the various fly fishing film fests are starting to get released and Montana Wild did it right in this one.

More goodness on the Montana Wild website and Vimeo page.

Friday, May 1, 2015

The Ultimate Montana Fly Fishing Giveaway

Recently the Ultimate Montana Fly Fishing Giveaway went live and there is A LOT of swag that is going to end up in the hands of a winner at the end of this month.  It's really cool to see so many Montana based companies and friends involved in this online giveaway.

This giveaway is a snap to enter with just giving up  your email address and name.  

One entry per person but you can sweeten your chances of winning by sharing the contest with friends.  Click "LIKE" on a few of the Facebook pages of the sponsors while you're on the website too.

Check out the website and enter for your chance to win over $5,000 of gear from a long list of Montana (and other) companies.

Find Your Water - Desert Gold

Episode 3 of Redington's Find Your Water series takes us to urban Phoenix for carp and BMX with KC Badger and friends. 

Check out the Redington website for more information.

Thursday, April 30, 2015

Kickstarter - The Reel Winder

There has been a small wave of funding site fly fishing projects that have went live lately but one that I think is a great idea is The Reel Winder that just went up on Kickstarter this week.  This is a helpful product and I can't help but like that it's "Made In Michigan". 

I could have used one of these, with a few extra spools, on the recent trip to Pyramid Lake since I was switching out fly lines in the hotel room, in the trailer, and on the shore of the lake during the trip to make sure I had the right fly line on a particular reel more than once on the trip.

Visit The Reel Winder website and Kickstarter page for more information. I am definitely backing this project.

Angling Trade - Spring 2015

The latest issue of Angling Trade is live and full of industry updates, new products, and a few solid articles to read through on traveling to Cuba, customer service in fly shops, and a great #keepemwet piece by Geoff Mueller.

Visit the Angling Trade website for more information.

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

ECHO Glass Switch + Spey

Some of the more exciting new fly rod offerings in fiberglass for this year has certainly been the ECHO Fly Fishing Glass Switch and Glass Spey fly rods with seven different choices from a 10'6" three weight switch to a 13' eight weight spey rod.  

ECHO Fly Fishing really covered all the two hander wants and needs bases with these fly rods and they surprised everyone with a price point of under $300 for any of the fly rods in the two series.

From the ECHO Fly Fishing email blast...

"All-new for 2015, Echo introduces the first major production run of fiberglass Spey and Switch rods in the industry. Why fiberglass? Good question. Fiberglass recovers more smoothly than graphite, giving the caster a better sensation of how the line is loading the rod. Improved feedback through the casting cycle results in a fun, effortless, bug launching. 

Echo Glass Spey and Switch rods feature sensitive tips to protect tippet when slinging surface patterns on a dry line, and plenty of "sneaky power" to catapult long, heavy sink tips with ultimate ease. Steelheaders looking to increase their "hook-to-hand" ratio will be impressed with the way these rods absorb the energy of active, unpredictable fish."

ECHO Fly Fishing also released these three short films which highlight the Glass Switch and Spey rod offerings.

Want to know what grain fly line matches each Glass Switch and Glass Spey rod best?  Click HERE.

Visit the ECHO Fly Fishing website for more information.