Monday, September 22, 2014


Orvis kicked off a big giveaway this weekend with their Suit Up In Sonic promotion which to play along just involves stopping in at a dealer and trying on a pair of their Silver Sonic Waders.

Up for grabs for those that participate in this contest is prizes worth over $4,700 which includes a Penn's Creek Bamboo Fly Rod, CFO fly reels, gear cases, and fly lines.  If you are in the market for a new pair of waders then these are worth trying on and even better now for a chance to win something for doing so.

For the past year so I've been wearing the Silver Sonic Convertiable Top Waders and more recently the Silver Sonic Guide Waders and have been extremely impressed with the quality, fit, and function of these waders.

For the full breakdown of the rules click HERE.

The Suit Up In Sonic giveaway runs until October 18th, 2014. Visit your local Orvis dealer to play.

Graywolf Rods - 4 Piece Morgan Builds

To my knowledge, Shane Gray of Graywolf Rods is the only builder that has access to the four piece Tom Morgan Rodsmiths fiberglass blanks in four pieces instead of two or he's the only one that's really been building them.  The ease of travel with a four piece fly rod over a two piece makes the difference between taking your favorite fly rod on a trip and not.

Shane has a real soft spot for these glass blanks and he broke down the reasons why in a post earlier this year called "7 Reasons To Like The Tom Morgan Rodsmiths Blanks" which is worth reading or reading again if you have already.

Here are two recent Graywolf Rod Tom Morgan Rodsmith blank builds worth sharing.  Build #316 is downright perfect with a little fighting butt and ferrule rings.

8' 4 WEIGHT - BUILD #320


Check out the Graywolf Rods website for more information on Shane's unique offerings.  Visit the Blog and Facebook page for the latest shop news, builds, and new projects.

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Retro Fly Koozies Back In Stock

Just in time for fall evenings around the campfire after a day on the water, the Retro Fly koozies are back in stock.  These koozies are made of high quality neoprene and available in blaze orange, fall camo, and black.

You know you want one of these koozies to put around your favorite brew...

The Retro Fly koozies are priced at $6 for one and $10 for two shipped with a couple T.F.M. decals.  I can certainly work out the math if you'd like more than two.

I can take PayPal, check, or credit card for payment.

Email to place an order and please check out the T.F.M. Store page for more details.

GEOBASS - Papua New Guinea

This looks to be the end of the road for the GEOBASS series with the peeps from MOTIV Fishing going on one last adventure into the jungles of PNG in search of giant black bass. Mayhem ensues.

I watched this episode yesterday and it got me wondering how a heavy line weight glass blank would have fared?  Might not have chopsticked like Jay's graphite stick did in the end though that was a pretty wicked structure pile to fight a large fish out of.

More on the Costa website.

Friday, September 19, 2014


The other day I received an email from the fellows at Trouts Fly Fishing in Denver, asking if I'd be interested in doing a short interview for their website and blog on fiberglass fly rods.  They sent a few questions, which I answered early this week, and the interview went live on their website yesterday morning.

If you take a look around the Trouts Fly Fishing website, you'll see that they have given a page of their website to the fiberglass fly rods that they offer from Redington, Orvis, Scott, and Swift Fly Fishing.  Isn't it cool to find glass rods in fly shops again?

It is always a lot of fun participating in interviews such as this and I hope that you enjoy it.

Visit the Trouts Fly Fishing website to check it out.  Thanks. 


Today is the last day that the EPA is taking public comments and emails regarding Bristol Bay and the Pebble Mine project in Alaska.  It is a no-brainer that this is the wrong place for an open pit mine.

Filling out the email form on the Save Bristol Bay website literally takes 30 seconds of your day and could be so worth in the end.

More information on the Save Bristol Bay website and Facebook page.

Thursday, September 18, 2014

An Epic Day In Northern Colorado

If you've been reading this website for while then you're already familiar with Russell Schnitzer and his various photography and film projects.  I had the opportunity to spend a day with him earlier this year in Cheeseman Canyon and he cast the Swift Fly Fishing Epic 480 that I had brought along.  He  was so impressed with the Epic that he's put together his own growing glass collection and recently spent the day with his wife, Kelly Conroy, on a northern Colorado river and the Epic 580.

Russell's imagery is stunning from their day and here's a baker's dozen of my favorites from the set that he sent along.   Click on an image to view in a larger format for the full experience.

Check out the SchnitzerPHOTO website and follow along on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram as well.