Sunday, March 26, 2017


The second issue of The Mission is live and ready to enjoy on your Sunday morning.  There is a short piece on Carl McNeil of Swift Fly Fishing and a feature on globetrotting badass Jako Lucas that you'll want to make sure you read as well.  This is a sharp publication worth signing up for.



If you've been following T.F.M. lately, you know I've been geeking out on several different propane camp stoves and most recently been figuring out and cooking with the Eureka! Spire XL Camp Stove with the optional (but crazy awesome) Jetboil Luna Satelite Burner.

The two sentence review (with a more in depth one coming) of the Spire XL Camp Stove is that this feature heavy stove is really excellent to cook from and I am beyond impressed with the Jetboil Luna Satellite Burner which boiled water in the 1.0 liter Spare Cup in less than three minutes and worked perfectly with the Jetboil Coffee Press.  The genius of this cook system is that you can have both camp stove burners busy with breakfast and still keep everyone's coffee and hot chocolate cups filled with the Jetboil burner.

While on the Eureka! website this week I noted the smaller, but no less capable, Spire Camp Stove was on sale for $30 off which certainly makes this setup a deal.  The Spire Camp Stoves are powered by Jetboil, have push button ignition, burn at up to 10,000 BTU's, have a removable grate, solidly built construction, and best of all, the Jetlink Accesory Port allows the Spire Camp Stove to be linked together to share fuel source with another Spire stove or to plug in the Jetboil Luna Satalitte Burner.   

The takeaway on the Spire and Spire XL is that if you don't need to cook with oversized pots and pans at camp, the Spire should cover you just fine.  At half the price of the Spire XL, this is a deal you might want to take advantage of if you're looking to upgrade your camp setup.

Visit the Eureka! website for more information or to place an order. Just over to the Jetboil website to pick up the Luna Satelite Burner to complete the package.

Friday, March 24, 2017

JOSH DESMIT ART - Musky Meat Boat Box Project

The other day one of Josh DeSmit's latest artful boat boxes came across my Facebook feed and I asked him if he'd chronicle a project with step by step photographs.  He answered back that he was about to start a musky boat box and soon after these images showed up in my inbox.

I always get a kick out of seeing how things are made and these boat box projects are certainly an interesting mix of mediums to create something really special and one off.  Now it's time to fill it up with big flies.

Check out the Josh DeSmit Art website and follow along on Facebook and Instagram too.  want to commission your own one of a kind boat box?  Contact Josh HERE.

THIS IS FLY - Issue 62

Just in time to ease you into your weekend, the latest issue of This Is Fly is live and ready for a read through.  The goodness abounds in this issue.


Thursday, March 23, 2017

Treven Anspach Memorial Fund - Epic 686 Fly Rod Raffle

Lemke Concepts has partnered with Graywolf Rods and Swift Fly Fishing with a stunning Epic 686 build that is being raffled off with all proceeds benefiting the Treven Anspach Memorial Fund.  From tragedy comes a scholarship memorial fund to not only honor the sacrifice that Treven Anspach made but also to help those in need to cover expenses for their continued education.

Tickets are $5 each and donations are being accepted through PayPal.  Please include your name, address, phone number, and email address when you place your donation.  You will be emailed your raffle ticket numbers and a winner of this fly rod will be drawn on May 20, 2017.

From the Treven Anspach Memorial Fund website...

"Treven Taylor Anspach spent his life protecting and defending those who could not. This courage was evident on October 1, 2015 when – after being mortally wounded by gunfire during the Umpqua Community College shooting – he still saved a life, throwing himself on a classmate and shielding her from the attacker. This brave action saved a young lady’s life as the gunman passed over both bodies.

Born on September 15, 1995, in Roseburg Oregon, Treven Anspach lived his entire life in Sutherlin. He attended Sutherlin schools from kindergarten through high school. He was a hard worker and was very family oriented.

While in high school, Treven was a two sport star in basketball and soccer, winning letters for both in all four years. His leadership qualities were apparent, as he was named team captain for both squads as a senior, a year which saw him selected as a first team Far West Basketball and Far West Soccer honorable mention. He was on the 2013 Sutherlin High School basketball team that participated in the state tournament and selected to participate in the 2A, 3A, 4A, OACA All-Star Basketball Series. And for good measure, Treven showed that he also had the smarts to go along with the athleticism, also being recognized as an academic all-star.

After high school, Treven enrolled at UCC to further his education and follow in the footsteps of his father by becoming a fire fighter/paramedic. He had a hard time getting scholarships, but this did not deter Treven. Like all other obstacles, he faced it head on. He worked harder, got a job and was working to put himself through college.

Treven Anspach never quit. Despite obstacles, he always found a way to achieve his goals. And in honor of the fight and courage that Treven displayed, even in the face of death, the Treven Anspach Memorial Fund has been established to reward those who display the “never quit” attitude Treven was known for."

For more information on this fly rod raffle, please visit the Treven Anspach Memorial Fund website along with the Graywolf Rods Blog and Lemke Concepts website.

Good luck.  Someone is going to win a very beautiful Epic 686 and all will be doing good work for buying a ticket or ten.

YETI | Stories - The Devils

The YETI Stories series continues with The Devils.  This is definitely a place that I want to visit soon.

Click PLAY and enjoy.

Visit the YETI Stories page for the story behind this video and many others.

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

GINK & GASOLINE - Tim Rajeff On Fiberglass Vs. Graphite

Yes and more yes.  Take a couple minutes to check out this great video from Gink & Gasoline with Tim Rajeff of ECHO Fly Fishing.

Check out Gink & Gasoline for the rest of the post that went with this video and if you're looking for a fiberglass fly rod, check out the ECHO Glass, ECHO Glass Two Handers, and Bad Ass Glass fly rods.