Tuesday, September 20, 2016

VEDAVOO - The Seam Sling

Scott Hunter at Vedavoo has a fresh line up of products which he launched at ICAST a few weeks ago and recently put together a video to talk about the Seam Sling, which is worth a watch as he goes feature by feature on this new pack.

Want to see the rest of the new line up?  Check out the Mammoth, River Quiver or Salt Quiver, Netster, and the No-Kink Reel Case.

Want something special?  Have Vedavoo hand build it just for you.

THIS IS FLY - Issue 58

The latest issue of This Is Fly is live and is a mix of fly fishing awesomeness including a solid article by Derek Olthuis on fiberglass fly rods and what Blue Halo has brought to the game. 


Sunday, September 18, 2016

SIGHT LINE PROVISIONS - The "Lost Cast Collection" Permit Bracelet

I have been watching the work of Edgar Diaz of Sight Line Provisions for some time now through is website and social media pages and longtime readers know that I always likes telling the story of how things are made. 

As the trip to Blue Horizon Belize approached (I'm boarding my flight in about 30 minutes), I asked Edgar if he would mind creating a special bracelet for me to wear on this trip while chronicling the process step by step.  He obliged and provided a look behind the curtain at his small shop in Austin, Texas with some excellent images and narrative on how he creates his very special craftsman pieces of leather and metal.

It would only make sense to start with the shop door to Sight Line Provisions.  Small shop artisans typically work in very interesting spaces.

Edgar wrote...  “Sight Line Provisions are authentic leather goods inspired by the state of mind that all outdoor lovers get when we are in our element; what we see in our “sight line” is personal and most often what makes our time on the water or in the woods special. These designs are symbols of our shared passion for nature and the thrill of seeing wildlife in their element. Whether you are a photographer, fisher, hunter or hiker; we all share those unexpected moments in the wild that speak directly to our soul.”

This is where the work gets done.  I appreciate Edgar sending along the following excellent step by step images of how the "Lost Cast Collection" Permit bracelet came together.

Edgar wrote...  "First, step, patina the bronze cast Permit to the desired color.  This is the same process I create my laser cut metal badge bracelets."

"With this bracelet, I'll be using one of my Japanese Denim wrapped leather bases."

"I punch out some Horween Nubuck leather using my leather press and designed dies."

"Once the denim wrapped leather base is ready, I start construction of the bracelet by riveting the head around the closure loop."

"I then punch out the holes for placement of the Permit badge."

"Attaching the badge is critical, for presentation and keeping the badge on the bracelet during wear."

"Once attached, I'm then ready to add accent pieces."

"Almost there...I now need to add the closure peg."

"Our "Just Right Sizing" makes this bracelet adjustable from a 5" to 8.5" wrist."

"This "Lost Cast Collection" Permit bracelet is now ready to ship out to Cameron for his trip to Belize."

The "Lost Cast Collection" Permit bracelet is now on my wrist as I write this and it'll be a forever piece of what I hope will be an unbelievable trip to Belize.

See more of Edgar Diaz's work on the Sight Line Provisions website and follow along on the Facebook and Instagram pages.


Captain Lawson Builder of Sporting Tails Charters and Paul Puckett of Flood Tide Co. go playing in the Spartina grass the other day with the drone and came back with this incredible footage.  Enjoy.

This makes you want to grab the eight weight and jump on the skiff, eh? Fall flood tides are coming...

Saturday, September 17, 2016


Here's a few minutes of bull trout Zen from scumliner media and Fish Eye Guy Photography.

Get lost in a deep dark rabbit hole on the scumliner media Vimeo page.  70 videos and counting...

FLOOD TIDE CO. - 2nd Annual Fall Tailer's Ball

The boys from Flood Tide Co. sure know how to throw a party and if you're anywhere near Charleston, South Carolina this week, make time for the second annual Fall Tailer's Ball on Thursday, September 22, 2016. 

The Fall Tailer's Ball is a fun night out and it's great to support the cause too.  This event benefits Casting 4 A Cure so come out for the good times, movies, music, and bring a few dollars for the excellent line up of raffles.

From the Fall Tailer's Ball Facebook page...

"Because it was such a success the first time, it was obvious we had to do it again. It was an overwhelming success last year thanks to everyone that came out. We wil have an even bigger and better amount of raffles this year from a vast amount of different companies...more details to come. We look forward to another great eveniong of local brews, art, music and great friends!"

I made the trip down last year for the event but I won't be able to make it this go around since I'll be a Blue Horizon Belize this week.  I know, humble brag... 

Check out the Flood Tide Co. website and Facebook page for more information and to let them know you're coming.

Friday, September 16, 2016

Last Minute Plans

Last week I had the opportunity to speak to the Pisgah Trout Unlimited chapter at their monthly meeting and even though I had asked for the day off from work weeks before, I really didn't an exact plan of what to do leading up to the presentation.  I had the day off which seemed like a good enough excuse to go fly fishing in North Carolina for the day and fortunately it took just a handful of text messages and phone calls to work out some makeshift details with David Grossman from Southern Culture On The Fly, fly rod craftsman Chris Barclay, Danny Reed of Crooked Creek Holler, and guide John Smolko.

The plan was to meet at the new SCOF office on the outer edge of Asheville and then drop into the French Broad River float in a couple rafts for a local float.  The river was clear and had been fishing fine which seemed like a good enough reason to go looking for a few smallmouth.  It was a laid back float with us zig zagging downstream picking off smallies here and there.  Smolko worked us down river with Chris up in front with the hot hand.  He put some serious bends in the two prototype six and seven weight fiberglass fly rods that he brought along.  I caught a few from the cheap seat while Danny got a few eats with David on the sticks.  All in all an excellent day on a river that doesn't always give up a lot of fish. 

This was a trip with fish numbers measured in dozens which was a lot of fun even if some were on the small side.  Days like this only make you want more days like this.  Thanks to everyone clearing the schedule to make it happen.

P.S.  SCOF has a new t-shirt that says it all.  It's great to have friends with rafts, driftboats, skiffs, Gheenoes, kayaks, flats boats, canoes, a piece of plywood, etc. to make for stellar days on the water together.  Get yourself on, that is unless you don't have any friends...