Thursday, August 28, 2014

Morlock's Carp Spoon

I mentioned it the other day when I posted the step by step for the Martinez Frankenstein Sculpin, but I also was able to photograph Kevin Morlock of Indigo Guide Service tying a new pattern that he developed this summer while on Beaver Island that he's dubbed the Morlock's Carp Spoon.

This is a relatively easy tie that moves really cool once it's in the water and can be tied in a variety of sizes with different colored dubbed heads and lead eyes.

Hook- Daiichi 2152 - Size 1
Eyes- Large Lead Eyes In Red
Wing- Yellow Mallard Flank - 3 Matching Feathers Stacked
Accent- A Pinch of Pink Marabou
Flash- Copper Flashabou
Hackle- Olive Schlappen - Trim Bottom Flat
Head- Black Ice Dub

Check out the Indigo Guide Service website for more information on the flies used for Lake Michigan carp and follow along on the Third Coast Fly blog for the latest news.

They Are Just Teasing Us Now...

The crew from ECHO Fly Fishing are getting out with the soon (Is 2015 is really to far away to say "soon" ?) to be released fiberglass Switch and Spey rods and posted this image on their Facebook page to tease us just a little more with this tag line...  

"Wrapped a weekend of testing our new Glass Speys. Wow. Smooth and Soulful, with plenty of backbone to handle the big ones. Can't wait for you to cast em!"

Want more information on the ECHO Glass Switch and Spey offerings for 2015?  Check out these two previous T.F.M. posts...


January really can't come soon enough, eh?

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Graywolf Rods - Epic 686 Demo

Back when I thought that the Epic 686 was possibly long lost and forever missing from the Fly Rod Loan Program, I contacted Carl McNeil at Swift Fly Fishing on getting another blank and then worked on Shane Gray of Graywolf Rods to see if he'd consider building it up.  The Epic 686 is easily one of the most popular fly rod on the demo list and now that I have two in the rotation hopefully the backlog can be remedied.

My suggestion to Shane was to go really basic on the build and to make it "bomb proof" since this was a fly rod that will be going from person to person and need to survive the shipping experience as well.  In my opinion, Shane went way to far in building up this demo fly rod but it's very much his style to put his spin on something to wow and impress.  Done and done.

Shane wrote...  "This is a very simple build with clear silk wraps and tipping and trim only at ferrules and cork check.  The grip is a modified full wells with a thumb imprint and I added a short fighting butt with down locking reel seat hardware.  I had difficulty deciding the hardware color so I landed on nickle and chrome then decided to blue just the knurled parts of the hardware."

This demo is off in the mail today from the Graywolf Shop to the next person on the waiting list for an Epic 686.  It may be months or even years until I get this one back in hand.

Want to know more about the Epic 686?  Check out this review that I posted last year on this badass six weight.

Check out the Graywolf Rods website for more information on Shane's unique offerings.  Visit the Blog and Facebook page for the latest shop news, builds, and new projects.

GEOBASS - Botswana

Did you know there are bass in Botswana?  I didn't either but the peeps from MOTIV FISHING go on a adventure and find much more than they expected.

Check out the Costa GEOBASS website for more on this trip around on the world in search of all things bass.

Monday, August 25, 2014

Snowman Custom Rod Works - Colors

One of the appealing aspects of contemporary fiberglass fly rods is that they are typically quite visually appealing with blanks offered in just about any color that you can think of.  Zeb Tonkavich of Snowman Custom Rod Works takes his builds one step farther and creates custom fabric rod socks and painted rod tubes that are individual with each build that he does.  The results are nothing short of awesome and really highlight Zeb's mantra of creating one of a kind fly rods for his clients.

Zeb recently pushed out a long list of clients builds into the mail but not before taking some time to photograph each one.  These fiberglass fly rod builds, which were done on Blue Halo and Swift Fly Fishing Epic blanks, are excellent examples of his work.

Check out the Snowman Custom Rod Works website for more information and follow along on the Facebook and Instagram pages for images of his latest builds and shop news.

T.F.M. Apparel And Store Offerings

It's been awhile since I last highlighted the swag offerings on the Apparel and Store pages.  Purchases of t-shirts or other gear don't really pad the pocket but are put towards funding projects like purchasing decals to giveaway and pay for shipping costs with the Fly Rod Loan Program

I have a pretty good stock of T.F.M. t-shirts in all three designs and in all colors in sizes Medium to 2XL right now and I am taking pre-orders (no payment until the order is ready to ship) on long sleeve shirts for the coming fall and winter seasons.

Short sleeve shirts are priced at $20 each and long sleeve shirts are $24.  I do not stock long sleeve shirts so if you're interested in one please send an email to pre-order.

The Retro Fly and Comrade sun masks are made of a bamboo/poly fabric that is very comfortable to wear all day long.  These are available in Current Blue or Titanium.

The Fly Fly Apparel Sun Masks are priced at $24 each.

The original stock of Retro Fly and Comrade CupsCo stainless steel pint cups is quickly running thin and I am unlikely to order these again since the minimum to re-order is more than I can afford right now.  At last check I had a half dozen Retro Fly and a dozen and a half Comrade cups in stock.

The CupCo cups are priced at $15 for one shipped and then $10 for each cup added to the order.

I have a short stack of these heavy duty vinyl Comrade banners in stock and these also will unlikely to be ordered again since the printer that creates these moved shops.  These banners measure 24" X 24" with metal grommets in all four corners.

The square Comrade banners are priced at $25 shipped in the U.S. and $35 if shipped internationally.

I have quite a few Abel Nippers in stock right now in both Retro Fly and Comrade designs.  The Retro Fly nipper are available now in Standard Black, Red, Olive, Dark Green, Blue III, and Slate.  The Comrade nippers are in stock in Standard Black, Matte Black, and Red.  Other color finishes and fish graphics can be special ordered if interested.

The T.F.M. Nippers are priced at $55 for Standard Black or Matte Black.  All other solid color finish nippers are priced at $65.  The Retro Fly nippers in a fish graphic finish are $110.  The Abel Nipper Lanyard is $25.

All orders include a few T.F.M. decals and I can take PayPal, check, or credit card for payment.

Check out the Apparel and Store webpages for additional information and other gear offerings.  Don't forget about the premium T.F.M. Decals as well to represent.

If you'd like to place an order please send an email to

Sunday, August 24, 2014

This Week In #glassisnotdead

I guess it's not to hard to see what I am looking for each week as I put these #glassisnotdead hashtag posts together and that the preference weighs towards highlighting the experience of fly fishing with glass rods along with fine craftsmanship in rod building.  I'm drawn to these images much more than the hero shots and I think they tell the stories of why others fish glass perfectly. 

This weeks baker's dozen is a trip around the world through some very excellent images.  Enjoy.













Be sure to hashtag your photos with #glassisnotdead and a favorite photo may turn up in a future T.F.M. post.