Thursday, May 26, 2016

GREEN BUS DESIGNS - The Art Of Michael Williams

Michael Williams of Green Bus Designs has been on my radar for while now and I wanted to pass along his website and Etsy page since what he's doing needs to be shared.  It's great to see another fellow Michigan native stepping up in the art game.

There are quite a few other examples of his work on the website and social media but here's a few favorite originals that he's posted recently.

Check out the Green Bus Designs website, Esty page, and follow along on Facebook too.

Can't spring for an original?  Be sure to check out the high quality decals offered.

BOW TIMES - Terry Wilson's Bully Bluegill Spider

Jeff Scoggin of Bow Times spends a lot of time behind the vise and with spring turning to summer, the bluegill box needed some refilling with this tasty and easy tie pattern.

More goodness on the Bow Times website and follow along on Facebook and Instagram too.

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

6 Good Reads

Another week and another six pack of good reading to keep you distracted when you should be working.

This is a fun article and thanks to Joe Cermele for hitting me up for a quote that made it's way in.

There are a handful of "rock stars" within fly fishing and Oliver White seems to be everywhere.  This is an in depth article that's worth a read.  I'd sure like to go to a few places that he goes.  Damn.

I believe I've highlighted the die Fische blog before but if not, it should be on your reading list.  Always well done with some insightful words and great photography to enjoy as well.

It warms my heart to check in on Facebook and it's literally just a wash of smallmouth photos.  Where's the trout?  I don't' care.  Smallmouth are where it's at.  Here's five flies your big box should be packing.

For all the hijinks, the various levels of intoxication and tomfoolery, I might never have thought David Grossman of S.C.O.F. should or would write an article like this, but he did.  Enjoy it.

Great visuals packed with solid info on getting ready for your next fishing trip.

What's on your reading list this this week?

HOWLER BROTHERS - The Sayulita Chronicles - Episode 3

All good things must come to an end and in this final episode of The Sayulita Chronicles the boys get their heads right and hit the surf.

Remember to use discount code "TFM14" for 20% off your Howler Brothers order.  Discount applies to most items on the website.  There are some really neat new offerings on the Mutations page.

Monday, May 23, 2016

Anchored With April Vokey - Senyo Keeps It Real


I don't know about you, but my time in the office is a mix of Pandora and podcasts with Anchored With April Vokey on the short list on my iPhone.  These podcasts have all been excellent interviews with high quality production as well.  Start at the top and work your way down through through the playlist if you haven't already.

One of her recent conversations is with guide, fly tier, and straight talker Grey Senyo of Steelhead Alley Outfitters and it's well worth a listen.  April and Greg delve into his history, where his fly designs come from, his take on the fly fishing industry and there's some real talk along the way. 

Just to keep things interesting, I have a couple of copies of Senyo's book, Fusion Fly Tying leftover from a previous giveaway that I'll send out to the first two who email with the correct answers to the following questions...

1.  What creek did Greg Senyo grow up on?

2.  What was Greg's first fly rod and who bought it for him?

3.  What type of work does Greg do as his full time career?

4.  How much did Senyo charge when he started guiding as a local kid?

5.  What fly tying companies does Greg work with?  Name at least two.

6.  What's the name of the fly pattern that Senyo ties with a spinner blade?

7.  What was your take from listening to this podcast? 

Listen to the podcast on the Anchored With April Vokey website or on iTunes.


The fellows at Southern Culture On The Fly are always looking for a new way to toss a party and this Thursday sparks off the Summer Mystery Movie Series at the new SCOF Office in Asheville complete with a flick, drinks, good, and a few giveaways as well.

I can't make the first two (work and then Beaver Island) but hoping to jump up to Asheville for the last three of the series.

More information on the S.C.O.F. Blog.  Make sure you've checked out the new issue if you already haven't.

Sunday, May 22, 2016

Tailor Made By V. Huttley - The Lucky 7 Oberon Fly Reels - Part 3

Vince Huttley of Tailor Made By V. Huttley sent me an email update a couple weeks ago and it more or less got lost in the flow.  I found it yesterday morning since I did want to post the latest update to the "Lucky 7" series of fly reels that Vince has been working on for the past several months.

If this is the first post that you've seen on the "Lucky 7", then please get caught up by checking out Part 1 and Part 2.  Now you can enjoy Part 3. 

I am always amazed what someone can create by milling and you'd never think that the foot to a fly reel would have so many steps and calculations to it.  Fine work again by Mr. Huttley.

Vince wrote...  "Sorry mate that it's been a few week with very little progress documented on the Lucky 7 fly reels.  The wheels have been tuning slowly in the back ground but hopefully this will shed some light on my process.  For these steps I think the photo's will explain more than I can but will try to fill in the gaps. 

Unfortunately whilst machining the reel feet blanks I didn't get any photo's of the process, in short I machine the tapers of the foot in the lathe which pretty much look like an odd hour glass and drill in the centre to the correct radius matching the standard reel seat.  

Something that I have taken a lot of care in with my feet is they work with most screw lock and sliding band seats.  I can't say they will work with all seats but you will find a tray on my bench full of test feet and blanks that didn't make the fit.  Now with these cylindrical blanks they are machined in the fourth axis (Rotary Head) on my little CNC mill and once in the fourth axis, a cutting path is programmed to remove the excess from the blank.  

Now this is when milling gets cool!  I can index this step three times around the part simply by rotating it.  After all the excess is removed a final finish pass is done to bring the parts to tolerance and give a nice machined finish then mounting holes are drilled.  Next, throw the blanks in the lathe, part the excess material and you're left with three 90% completed feet that look like an extravagant piece of pipe.  Simply crush in the hands and they will break up into three separate parts. 

Next, the parts are mounted in the vice and mounting holes relieved for screw heads and a slight radius machine on the ends to remove any hard edges, quick dress on a mandrel wrapped in sandpaper the remove the drill marks and the feet are complete.

On to the bodies and again, I never get tired of seeing the fourth axis in action and mostly the reel really takes shape in this step.  Each reel body is bolted on a mandrel and mounted in the chuck of the fourth axis.  To machine, I break down the bodies into four separate windows and machine one at a time spinning the body around the milling cutter. After the windows are cut, a flat for the foot is milled and then two holes are drilled and tapped to mount the reel foot and that's it. 

Each part is now checked, measured, sharp edges removed, clean and prepped for anodizing.  Once anodized, assembly will start to happen, so stay tuned."

All "Lucky 7" fly reels are spoken for, but that doesn't mean that you still can't follow along with the latest shop news on the Tailor Made By V. Huttley website as well as Facebook and Instagram too.