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Wednesday, March 17, 2021

C. BARCLAY FLY ROD CO. - On Orders & Taking a Time-Out

It's been interesting to keep up with many of the fly rod builders listed on the T.F.M. Markers page and how, for the most part, many of them have been surprised by a steady stream of orders.  This speaks to a continued interest in glass, maybe more time to actually get out on the water, and I'd bet more than a few stimulus checks were tucked away for a new fly rod purchase.  I get it.

Chris Barclay of C. Barclay Fly Rod Co. posted an update on social media and his website today that he's taking a pause from orders for the time being to catch up.  I've always had a lot of respect for Chris since he works at his own pace but knows himself well enough to not become overwhelmed. 

Chris wrote...  "I am grateful to be able to build fly rods for a living and feel tremendously blessed at the abundance of orders and interest I’ve had in this past year, especially when I know so many folks have faced job losses and other hardships in the face of the pandemic. I truly appreciate everyone’s support and understanding about this and will plan to make a good bit of headway on my current orders over the next several weeks so I can open up some build spots for new orders. And just to make sure y’all don’t think I’m going full hermit and will go underground for the next few weeks, if you have questions about rods or current orders please feel free to contact me.

Thanks, again, so much! I hope each of you enjoys a great season ahead."

You can read the full post on the C. Barclay Fly Rod Co. website and be sure to follow along with the latest shop news on Facebook and Instagram.

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