Sunday, November 23, 2008


I spend a fair bit of time on the Itinerant Angler website and came across a photo posted by Corey Kruitbosch that is just wicked cool. Look at those biters! They are a sure reminder that trout don't just sip mayflies.

Corey lives and fishes in Utah and his photo work is really impressive. So far he has been published in The Drake and Trout Magazine.

Corey gives us a breakdown his fly fishing photo gear...

"The equipment that I currently take with me is a Canon Xti, a Pentax Optio waterproof, and a few lenses. I like my wide angle lenses quite a bit (Sigma 10mm fisheye and a Canon 10-22mm) for a low perspective close to the water. I also use a my Canon 'Nifty 50' (50mm f1.8) quite a bit as well."

If you'd like to see more of Corey Kruitbosch's work check out his blog and flickr account.


cor said...

Thanks Cameron! I appreciate the kind words and the post.

Cameron said... problem. That "fanged" brown trout is showing up in my dreams!

flynbird said...

That is one evil lookin Brown! Great pic. Awesome work Corey.

Mojo said...

Dude you really get around.
I just sent you an email on this.
Cameron, he's just another Salt Lake fly freak.
Just have to introduce him to 'glass now.


Cameron said...

Alan...get a fiberglass rod in his hands. He is interested already!


Yes! Nice photo!! Corey

Dusty said...

Which of the lenses did you use for that brown?