Tuesday, September 29, 2009

T.F.M. Spotting - Seth's Pen & Ink

Longtime friend, Seth Morrison, sent along a stellar pen and ink drawing that he knocked out on a Saturday afternoon.

Seth is an architect in Michigan and certainly has some skills with the pen. Great to see him T.F.M. representing at the drafting table.

I asked Seth to draw the Booneville Cutthroat head in the TFM header to see his interpretation of a very memorable fish that I caught in Wyoming last August. The results are very cool and further insight to his ability.

Today's blog post got me thinking that it was time for a new wallpaper on my iPhone screen.

If anyone is interested in Seth Morrison doing a fish drawing for you, he can be reached at ssmorrison26@yahoo.com.



cool stuff!! very nice! : )
I don't do tattoo, but love to see others doing it...

Cameron Mortenson said...

HA... I don't have any tattoos either...but the first pen and ink would look really great as body art.

Alex Landeen said...

I do tattoos, and that is damn sweet.

Hansy said...

Hey Cameron
Great blog mate. Thanks for dropping me a line. I'm going to put 2 rods on my blog soon that I recently bought off a fishing guide. They were made in Japan by a guy in Osaka. They are cool. They have glass ferrels which I haven't seen before. They look sweet and join well. Unfortunately the guy drowned while fishing in the north of Japan. A bit weird when a fisher drowns. They were cheap. The guide has 8 of them, times are tough for guides here with the recession. It's good for local anglers I guess, with less pressure on our resources.

I will read your blog a bit more when I have time, I really enjoyed what i read. The season is now on and it brings out my best tying and I'm keen to get out as much as possible. The rain has set in today and has filled up the rivers which were terribly low. Hopefully the extra rain doesn't scour out the redds.

Anyway I'm going to add you to my blog list too and hope to one day get one of your t-shirts, they look cool. Ok mate...well tight lines and fsir play to you!


Hansy said...

My email address is petersmodernlife at hotmail. Hey do you or your buddies know what the name of the material is that is used for catch and release net bags? It's sometimes green or black. the green seems a lot finer.