Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Middle Provo Holgarama

As much of the country is covered in snow I thought that Brian Schiele's wintry holgarama from the Middle Provo was somehow fitting and beautiful at the same time.

Brian was recently interviewed by artist and writer Bob White and in the latest issue of Fly Rod & Reel which features several of his holga photos and a background on his artistic process.

Follow Brian on The Holga Master website and on his Flickr Photostream as well.


GFP said...

I love the Provo. My grandparents lived in Provo and we visited them once every other year when I was a kid. I still remember about 15 years ago when my mom dropped me off at Utah Lake and I fished my way up stream on the Provo. I caught a bass, hooked a carp, and had a hit by what I figured was a trout. It was a great day! Someday, I hope to get back there....but mostly for a little known mountain lake I am dying to fish again!

Cameron Mortenson said...

GFP...sounds like a return trip is in order.

Brian L. Schiele said...

Thanks again for the love Cam!
I owe you!