Monday, March 28, 2011

Fontinalis Rising Swag

One of my favorite reads lately has been Fontinalis Rising.  First because Jason Tucker is creating excellent original content and secondly he's based in northern Michigan which, as my native state, I miss quite a bit still.

I like very much that he's highlighting the wealth of experience of fly shops, guides, craftsmen, and others on his website through interviews and profiles.

It's hard to believe that Fontinalis Rising has only been around for less than two months.  Jason seems to have a great grasp on how to build readership and I expect to see Fontinalis Rising to continue to develop and grow.

One of Jason's next steps is to add a few offerings such as decals and t-shirts.  I found an envelope in the mailbox this weekend with a couple decals and one of his business cards to check out. I like.

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T. Lauria said...

Hi. Thank you for liking my friends blog. He has become a pretty good writer.
I heard you took a bath when you went out on the Maple with him the other night. He does that to everyone he looks up to.