Thursday, March 31, 2011

James Deloria's Canoe Art

Give Michigan artist James Deloria a canoe in need of a refresh, a few cans of spray paint, and a brush and you just might end up with a canoe art masterpiece.

I have been following James work on Facebook for the last year or so and his work is inspired and strikingly unique.  

James wrote... "I have been a practicing artist most of my life. I began with drawing and painting watercolors then majoring in painting and sculptural pottery in college. I was a metalsmith and master goldsmith for twenty-six years while the kids were growing up and now am back to painting.

I am known locally as "The Camo Guy" since I've been painting cars, canoes and bicycles for years mainly in camouflage patterns of my own design, primarily "Cedar Savage" (patent pending)."

Created with Admarket's flickrSLiDR.

"I began painting canoes with trout patterns about three years ago and continue to do so in the warm months. In the winter I work on two dimensional pieces in oil based pastel and gouache as well as both representational and abstract trout pins, tie tacks, and pendants in sterling silver and mokume' gane (Japanese technique of combing metals similar to Damascus steel)."

James artwork is currently on display at the Freshwater Studio and Gallery in Boyne City, Michigan and he can be contacted for commission work by email, telephone at 231-330-9616, or on Facebook as well."


Mike Schmidt said...

the brown trout canoes are amazing!

Anthony said...

Those are simply amazing.. Big kudos to James.

Stephen said...

For James all the arts magically appear off his fingertips. What he didn't say he is the finest natural freshwater fisherman anyone who knows him has ever met--don't let him in the ocean....

amazingwoody said...

Okay James, what is it going to cost me to do Rusty's canoe? Nice pictures of Frenchman's Pond I might add..........