Tuesday, April 19, 2011

2011 Simms SHOOT OUT

This past weekend throngs of fly fishing guides converged in Bozeman, Montana for Simms Fishing Products ICE OUT event to relax, learn, network, and I'm sure to kill the liver a bit as well.

This year Simms added the SHOOT OUT event to the weekend's festivities and invited four filmmakers to ICE OUT.  They gave each filmmaker two days to film and one day to edit, and each entry had to include the Simms shot glass some way some how.

All submissions had to be ready for Saturday night and the winner was determined by the ICE OUT attendees.

The filmmakers invited to the event were Beattie Outdoor Productions, 406 Productions, Fishbite Media, and Detonation Studios.   

Rumor has it that RA Beattie won the event by a single vote and took home $1,000 and a free pair of Simms waders for his effort.

Fly Fishing Mystery Theater from RA Beattie on Vimeo.

Simms Shootout 406 productions from 406 productions LLC on Vimeo.

Ice Out/Shoot Out from bryan huskey on Vimeo.

SIMMS shoot-out submission. from Detonation Studios on Vimeo.

Which film would you have voted for?


Ivan said...

beattie's film. no doubt about it. not just for the comedy. but, his "fish porn" is so simple and clean.

Mike Schmidt said...

I wish the Detonation submission was a little longer, they had some really nice depth of field transitions. That said RAs film was far and away the most polished. Wish I knew where that lake was that is 4:30 in to the video...FAT


Of course Detonation Studios!! Best of all!! IMO : )

bryan huskey said...

Hell I voted for RA and I had a film in the hunt!!;)

Cameron Mortenson said...

Ivan...RA has a neat sense of humor when it comes to fly fishing films and he is certainly keen when it comes to the edit as well.

Mike...I like the Detonation Studio piece as well. Bryan Gregson filmed all of that on a Canon DSLR which is impressive in itself.

Alan said...

Detonation. Like Mark said, best of them all, but we're not bias either right Mark?

Hill Family said...

I liked 406 video. Nice scenery & fishing!

Fontinalis Rising said...

Detonation was very good graphically. Fishbite took too long to get going for a 3 minute video, but I warmed up to it. RA deserved the win with awesome videography and a killer intro that left me in stitches. They come out Tuesday.