Friday, April 1, 2011

T.F.O. SGII Glass Blank Arrives

I came home from work the other night to find a long white triangle shaped box propped up on the front porch from Temple Fork Outfitters.  Inside rolled in bubble wrap was a T.F.O. SGII glass blank.

This 6'9" two piece blank feels pretty fast for glass and I've already dubbed this short 5/6 weight as the "Pocket Rocket".  Who's knows...I might like best with a seven weight.    

The glass blank went right back in the box and I sent it off yesterday to the fellows at One by One Custom Rod for the build treatment.

The little bit on this blank that I know is that T.F.O. invested some time and development into the SGII fiberglass project but in the end decided not to offer finished fly rods in their line up.

A stock of these blanks used to sit at T.F.O. headquarters in Texas but were sold one by one to custom builders and glass geeks looking for a faster action fiberglass option.  T.F.O. is now completely out of stock of these blanks.  


Ryan S said...

Thanks for the heads up! I sent off an e-mail to Temple Fork....can't wait to hear back.

Abe said...

I'm wondering how this would be as a general-purpose bass rod. Any thoughts?

Cameron Mortenson said...

Ryan...let me know if you end up getting one too.

Abe...I'm thinking that it will work nicely as a kayak/warmwater stick. I like short fly rods with some bone to them. This one has that.