Tuesday, May 24, 2011

36 Seconds Of Sweetness

Brian Kozminski, newly minted Ambassador for GreenFish, spent a day swinging flies to steelhead in the Bear River in northern Michigan with his recently passed father in mind. 

Brian took a bit of video and a photo of one of the steelhead that was caught which I wanted to share here.  

Brian wrote...  "This fish is for my Dad, who passed the day Before Easter.  May he be fishing some quality water now.  The male steelhead smashed the Greased Lightning fly tied by none other than Mike Schmidt from Angler's Choice Flies (awesome flies).  Also, I had my first experience trying to hold a large fish underwater, set up my Gorilla-Pod and my FujiFilm XP waterproof camera, and figure out how to do the self portrait.  Next time more practice at home before fish is at hand."

Brian...fine fish and your father would be proud, no doubt.