Saturday, May 21, 2011

A Father's Gift

Recently Memo Stephens of The Patagonia Journal forwarded several photographs of a custom made Lamiglas fiberglass fly rod that was passed on to him from his father.


Hola from Argentina! After our chat on Facebook the other day, I took my father's old casting rod out for a few quick snaps in the yard. One day perhaps, I'll rig it up and take it for a spin on some landlocked salmon here in Patagonia; just for fun.

Reading through The Fiberglass Manifesto brought back a lot of memories, and even though my father was never much of a fly fisherman, it was his enthusiasm for fishing in general that influenced my life and ultimately, my desire to move to Argentina. Thanks for reminding me...


Memo Stephens

A father's gift is not always the possessions left behind but the inspiration and example of a life well spent in the outdoors.

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e.m.b. said...

Beautiful! And yes, I think that, all...of the gifts I've received from my father and grandfathers have been the "example of a life well spent". Thanks for reminding me!