Wednesday, May 11, 2011

First Night In The Diablo Chupacabra

I really don't want to get to deep into an initial review of the Diablo Paddlesports Chupacabra in this post other than to say that one arrived this week and I had a chance to sneak out on the family pond for my first float in it last night.

The Chupacabra fits perfectly in the back of the Element for quick trips to and from the family pond.

I kept it simple with a single fly rod, gear bag, kayak, and paddle for the first float.  The Chupacabra is part stand-up paddleboard and part kayak and it was nice not having to worry about a seat.

I had just a hour of light left and cast a black top water popper to a few willing largemouth bass.

A couple weeks of consistently warm weather has turned the pond on and it was great to find them looking up.

Look for a feature by feature post in the next few days on the Diablo Paddlesports Chupacabra.  It's a very neat SUP kayak and different from anything that I've paddled so far.  


GFP said...

That's definitely a sweet looking kayak! Any chance you have an inside contact and can get me one for about $10???

Anthony said...

I agree with GFP, that yak is sweet! And your family pond looks as large as our local lake. ha!

Cameron Mortenson said... rides as sweet as it looks.'s 100 acres but the family considers it a pond.

Troutdawg said...

Sweet kayak and nice pics! Bass on a fly pretty hard to beat

gfen said...

Fan of semi auto reels, fiberglass rods, the CGR, and you drive an Element.

You're OK in my book, sir.

Mine needs one of them there fancy TFM decals though.

Ian said...

Sweet looking kayak

Neil said...

The rod looks like the Cabela Glass Rod 7/8... right? What line do you have on it for those bass?-Neil said...

I do love fishing from a kayak. It's the only way go other than wading some spots. The Diablo is really a nice yak. I have a Hobie Outback that I totally love!

Cameron Mortenson said...'re right. I'm seriously digging warmwater fly fishing this spring into the summer. me your address. I'll send along a few TFM decals.

Ian...thanks. I can't wait to get out in it some more.

southernflyfishing1530 said...

Hey Cameron what kind of reel is that in this post?

Cameron Mortenson said... is a LOOP CLWC fly reel. Clear resin and a solid performing fly reel for the money.