Saturday, May 28, 2011

Graywolf Rods - Glass Blanks In Stock

Shane Gray of Graywolf Rods recently updated the blog of his website with a listing of the fiberglass blanks that he has on hand or that soon will be arriving to his shop in Michigan.

The following blanks are available for order:

Fenwick Blanks

McFarland Rods - Custom Rolled Yellow Glass
7' Four Weight Four Piece
8' Five Weight Four Piece
8' Six Weight Four Piece
8' Four Weight Three Piece
8' Five Weight Three Piece

South Fork Rod Company
7' Two Weight Three Piece
7' Four Weight Three Piece

Steffen Brothers
8'3" 5/6 Weight Two Piece
7'9" 3/4 Weight Two Piece

Vintage Scott Fly Rod Company
6'6" Four Weight Two Piece
7'0" Four Weight Two Piece
8'0" Six Weight Three Piece

If you have questions or would like to place an order Shane can be contacted by email or by telephone at 517-902-3158

Look for a full length "Glass Builder" interview with Graywolf Rods on T.F.M. in the coming weeks. 

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Shane A Gray said...

Thanks, Cameron.. you are always looking out for the rodmakers.