Friday, May 27, 2011

Leiderman Rods - Steffen Brothers Builds

Custom glass and cane builder, Matt Leiderman, sent along a few photographs of a matched set of Steffen Brothers builds that he recently completed. 

These photographs are a good example of Matt's work in creating one of a kind fly rods for his clients.

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Matt wrote...  "Months ago, I was contacted by a Fiberglass Flyrodders friend about working on a few rods for him.  He supplied a variety of basic components and I was simply asked to piece together a few rods.  The blanks are both four piece Steffen Brothers.  The cigar gripped rod is an 8' 3/4 weight and the Ritz gripped rod is Mark's new 8' 4/5 weight blank.  Both feature bubinga Lemke seats and bronzed components throughout.  A fairly simple build but I set out to make a matched set that were close but not exact.  As many glass fishers know, Mark's 8' 3/4 weight is a modern classic but the new 4/5 weight fly rods are a nice addition to his blank series.  It is a bit more full flexing and has some reserve power in the lower sections.  On paper, the 8' 4/5 weight may look similar to the 3/4 weight but they are two totally different fly rods."

For more information and photographs of Matt's work check out the Leiderman Rods website.


Jory Ward said...

Those rods are sweet.

JJP said...

To bad that I get a black screen on my iPad. I'd have liked to see those rods!

Cameron Mortenson said...

Jory...Matt Leiderman is quite a builder...though from what I've seen on your blog you are as well.

JJP...sorry about that. Flickr slideshows don't play well with the iPad. I hope that they do at some point soon.