Thursday, May 12, 2011

Leland Reel Company Vintage Series

Along with the fiberglass fly rod prototypes sent from Leland Fly Fishing Outfitters/Red Truck Fly Fishing, Burke White also sent along a near to end stage prototype fly reel from their soon to be released Leland Reel Company "Vintage Series" for me to look over that has since been shipped back with the prototype fly rods.

Burke sent this information in a recent email explaining the thought and design process of the new series...  

"At Leland, we noticed that there were very few options when it came to aesthetically matching a fly reel to a vintage bamboo, fiberglass, or two hand fly rod.  So we started to research the reels from the past. Reels that spoke to us about a more simple time when fly fishing wasn’t about the latest technical features, but instead reels that focused on quality, simplicity, and function in the field.  Cosmetically we wanted to design a fly reel that looked like the one you hoped one day to find in your grandfather’s sock drawer."

There will be four fly reels in the "Vintage Series" with two reels covering the trout weights and then two reels made specifically for two hand and switch type fly rods.

I am impressed with this fly reel and with a price point starting at the $300 mark it looks like it will draw a lot of interest for those looking for a well made clicker type reel with classic styling.   
Look for further updates and information on T.F.M. regarding the Leland Reel Company "Vintage Series" in the coming weeks.


Fred said...

Did the guys at Leland design this reel?

Cameron Mortenson said...

Fred...yes, designed by the fellows at Leland with design and function cues taken from several vintage reels it looks like.