Friday, May 6, 2011

The Outfit Is Complete

The Graywolf Rods build arrived a couple days ago and now all the parts have come together to complete this outfit.  I couldn't help but snap a few photographs of it all together to share on T.F.M.

Day in and day out I fish a lot of "economy" type fly rods and reels but there is just something about a high end outfit saved for those special days of dry flies and sipping trout on a forgotten stretch of water.  This outfit will be one of those for sure.

I want to say first that Shane's work is flawless and I am really impressed with all aspects of this build.  The fly rod in hand is more stunning than photographs can show. 

This lightly used Phoenix Classics line will be my first experience with silk.  I am really looking forward to figuring out the differences between silk fly lines and contemporary fly lines.

Tim Pantzlaff of The Spey Company sent this Single Spey Trout Reel several months ago and I've more or less kept it under wraps until the Graywolf Rod build arrived since I knew they would be a very natural match with each other.

The Single Spey Trout Reel, priced at $300 or $325 with Snake Roll handle, may be one of the greatest values in small shop U.S.A. made fly reels made today.

Besides being a great fly reel to fish I honestly believe these reels will be excellent investments to hold on to over time as well since Tim Pantzlaff's classic, well thought out, and functional designs are sure to find collectors in the years to come.

So...three parts together to complete this outfit and all I need to do now is plan a day away on a trout stream to give it a flex.  


Anthony said...

That whole outfit screams classy. Very nice.

Cameron Mortenson said...

Anthony...thanks. I'm looking forward to getting it on the water soon to see if it fishes as good as it looks.