Wednesday, June 29, 2011

American Angler Article - Glass Act

The latest issue of American Angler hit news stands and mailboxes a week or two ago and features an in depth article on the revival of fiberglass fly rods among anglers.  This article was given a surprising eight full pages and it's neat to see fiberglass fly rods, both vintage and contemporary, get so much print in a mainstream fly fishing magazine.

This article, which was written by David Klausmeyer, mirrors my own initial experiences with fiberglass since I too started fly fishing with a very inexpensive fiberglass fly rod and then spent years fishing graphite before coming back to it six years ago to discover the unreal wonders of this fly rod material. 

One of the commendable aspects of this article is that David Klausmeyer equal spent time covering small custom rod builders and blank makers along with mentions to several of the larger fly rod companies that also offer fiberglass in their line ups.  There are equally exciting things coming from both the basement and garage shops and large fly rod companies alike with new tapers, fly rod series, and ideas being developed as interest from customers grow.  

All this said I do take exceptions with a few lines of the article which center on the idea that fiberglass isn't worth using past the trout weights or in lengths past eight and a half feet.  Though fiberglass certainly has a sweet spot in the lighter line weights there are some very interesting blanks being made that extend nine feet or longer and in line weights up to nine or ten weight.  I don't take offense to his assertions however since this article wasn't written for the "true glass aficionado" but more for those that may have wondered of even scoffed at the fellows fishing with those "whippy" fly rods.

Lastly, both the Fiberglass Flyrodders forum and The Fiberglass Manifesto were mentioned in the article which is quite an honor.  As a moderator for the F.F.R. forum and then the writer of this blog for several years now, it is very neat to be on the radar of what's happening in the realm of fiberglass fly rods.

To check out this article for yourself, look for the July/August 2011 issue of American Angler.


FISH TALES said...

I would agree with the traditional 8-9 wt glass rods leaving alot to be desired.. but a new evo style glass 9 footer.. it would be my idea of heaven for a steelhead rod.. but I wouldn't even know where to find one-

Cameron Mortenson said...

FISH TALES...I'd say your best bet would be a Steffen Brothers 8' 8/9 weight blank. He might make them a little bit longer than 8' but I'm not aware of any new glass pushing nine foot in that line weight.