Tuesday, June 14, 2011

A Beginner's Good Luck

Last night Chris Ellisor and I spent an hour or so at a pond that he has access to that was conveniently on the way home from work.

Chris has been talking about giving fly fishing a go for some time and of course I suggested that he start with an 7' 4/5 weight Eagle Claw Featherlight which he matched with a Pflueger fly reel that he already had.

It didn't take but a couple minutes for Chris to bust his first fish on the fly rod with this scrappy bass that lunged for the small popper that he was casting. 

Chris followed the first bass with several more along with some hand sized bluegill as well.  Not bad for a first night out with the fly rod.

I had my first chance to line up the Vision Cult Fiber 5/6 weight and Thinkfish Bold fly reel.  It's a pretty neat outfit to chase pond fishes and the Bold is the first auto reel that I've ever played with.  I like and it's certainly quite a machine.

Though Chris found all of his fish on a popper, I had to switch up to a brown Briminator before I really had consistent success.  After the fly change it was a bump nearly each cast.

Though not all of them were hand size they still were quite a bit of fun.

With temperatures well over 90 degrees this week here in the "Dirty South",  picking up a few bluegills might be the best action right now. 

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