Saturday, June 18, 2011

Dr. Shade Ascencion Bay Gloves

I've mentioned it before in a few T.F.M. posts that I don't tan at all. Instead of pushing the issue and ending up burnt after being out on the water I am careful to cover up. This typically means wearing a long sleeve microfiber shirt, a wide brim hat, and lightweight gloves to stay sun free.

A couple months ago Glacier Glove sent me a demo pair of their Dr. Shade Ascencion Bay Gloves to review.  These gloves are 50+ UPF and constructed of lycra with a polyurethane palm.

I have been using the Ascencion Bay Gloves on full sun days while paddling and fly fishing on the pond and have been very impressed.

These gloves provide excellent sun protection and fit like they should.  The glove sizing guide was spot on and these gloves feel comfortably snug on your hands.  After a few minutes you'll likely forget that you even have them on. 

The polyurethane palm gives them some stick which is excellent while paddling since these gloves provide a bit of grip on the paddle shaft.

Besides being a great glove on the water they have also withstood washing machine cleanings to get the fish stench out without issue.  I air dry them and they are ready for the water again.

The Dr. Shade Ascencion Bay Gloves are reasonably priced at $22.99 and available on the Glacier Glove website for purchase.

For members of the Outdoor Blogger Network, Glacier Glove is involved with this week's Gear Review Opportunity and two pairs of the Dr. Shade Ascencion Bay Gloves will be given away next week.  Read the guidelines and leave a comment before 5 p.m. MST on Sunday, June 19th for your chance to participate. 


Anonymous said...

Sweet! I was considering getting some Buff gloves, but for half the price, I'll definitely be giving these a shot. I'll have to see if I can score a pair from OBN first ;)

Thanks for the heads up!!

Cameron Mortenson said...

ZachYak...these are a great glove for the money.