Friday, June 24, 2011

Hook & Hackle Fly Line Sale

It's no secret that T.F.M. is a big fan of the Hook & Hackle Hi-Floater fly lines in both double taper and weight forward varieties.  I've used them for years and they are an excellent and long lasting fly line, have a wonderful taper to them, and made in the U.S.A. as well.

Hook & Hackle has discounted all of their fly lines through Monday at midnight and this is a great time to fill a couple empty fly reels, replace lines that are worn, or try a new fly line.

I am thinking about ordering one of the Clear Intermediate fly lines to use as both a warmwater and saltwater slow sinking line. 

This discount covers all the Hook & Hackle fly lines which include the Hi-Floater, Rise, Clear Intermediate, and Switch 101's in various line weights.

Hook & Hackle have also discounted their Flourocarbon Tippet as well to $8.95 a spool.

Stock up.  These fly lines and tippets are a steal at this price.

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