Saturday, June 25, 2011

Scott | Behind The Scenes

This past week the Scott Fly Rod Company released a short film on their website and Facebook page which was filmed and produced by Felt Soul Media.

I've watched this at least a dozen times and really impressed with the quality of the presentation, the message, and the emotion that this three minutes of digital film possesses.

Ben Knight and Travis Rummel of Felt Soul Media are certainly showing their skills of creating something so concise and yet worthy in such a short time period.      

The Scott Fly Rod Company is important for it's history, it's commitment for building everything in their shop in Colorado, and for designing fly rods that are exceptional to fish with.

I'm left wishing for a little yellow three weight F2 (It would be neat to have "The Fiberglass Manifesto" inked in black across the blank) and then vanish away to a piece of water where the trout happily rise to dry flies all day long.  

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