Friday, June 10, 2011

William Joseph Ambassador Package

I have been involved with William Joseph as an Ambassador for just over a year now and with that it allows me to send in a wish list of sorts to Paul Swint of items that I'd like to demo and review while also getting first looks at prototypes and giving input on future designs of products as well. 

It's been a very positive relationship and I've had a great time being involved with an impressive line up of anglers on their pro staff.

A large box arrived this week which contained five pieces from the 2011 catalog.  A couple pieces were items that I had specifically asked for and then a couple pieces came as a surprise...and a nice surprise at that.

One pair of Drynamic Waders and one pair of RT Pant Waders will cover the bases depending on what type of water I'll be on.  I wear pant waders on most trout trips around here but it's always nice to have a full chest waders for bigger water or the unexpected.

The Tsunami is part of the new Storm Series of waterproof bags and packs and should be an excellent option to use in the back of the kayaks this summer for keeping our gear dry.  The dividers are a good way to keep items separated and organized inside this bag or they can be taken out completely if need be.  

The Nomad X was one of the items that I didn't specifically ask for but Paul certainly took care of me on this.  This is a well designed overnight up to a long weekend bag for carrying clothing, gear, or all other items along.  The construction is solid, it's cavernous inside, and comfortable to carry by handles or sling strap. 

The Odyssey is a large capacity (better watch your cargo weight when flying with this one) rolling duffel with space for everything you'd need for an extended trip and space even for fly rod tubes due to it's long slender shape.  A lot of usable space and the empty weight isn't bad either for a structured duffel of this size. 

I have a twelve day road trip coming up next month to Michigan and looking forward to using both the Nomad X and Odyssey luggage pieces to carry all the gear that I'll need to carry along.

Something of note with the William Joseph line up overall is that due to finding better ways to have their gear produced they were able to lower the price points on several pieces that carried over from last year and also introduced new items for 2011 with a price tag that makes sense.  They did all this without changing their superior warranty policy.   

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Mike said...

Sweet stuff. Those RT Pant Waders especially appeal to me. A great idea! THANKS for the pointer.