Sunday, July 31, 2011

Brian Ebert's Warmwater Fly Designs

Brian Ebert of Relax The Cast has been hard at work on the vise and sent along a couple dozen of his latest inventions for me to try on the pond in trade for some T.F.M. swag.

I have been fishing these patterns and most impressed with Brian's deer hair poppers with skirted tails which add to the action of these top water flies and then his bugger type patterns with the rubber curly tails. The action that they achieve in the water is unreal.

Besides the Relax The Cast blog, Brian has been working on a new website and project that which will directly promote warmwater fly fishing and his fly tying which is not yet live.

To discuss a possible fly order, Brian can be contacted by email.  


Mat Trevors said...

Those are some good lookin' bass bugs. I like. I want. I need!

Someday, I'm gonna get off my butt & finally teach myself how to tie deer-hair poppers & divers...someday...

Cameron Mortenson said...

Mat...order up a batch. Brian's got skills.

GFP said...

I'm expect you'll let us know when that website he's working on is done? Sounds like a great site!