Tuesday, July 19, 2011


When you are lucky enough to work as a product development specialist at The Orvis Company as does undercover glass geek, Shawn Combs, it can give you the unique opportunity to look through old stock and find some unusual offerings from the past.

Shawn recently came across a vintage 7 1/2 foot five weight Golden Eagle blank at the shop and quickly put the wraps to it along with a very T.F.M.'esque inscription on the blank.

Shawn took the new school Golden Eagle build to the river this past weekend and flexed it on a few rainbow trout.  

"GLASS IS NOT DEAD".  Indeed.  Click image to see larger.

Shawn...it looks like the Golden Eagle blank still has some life in it decades after it was first made.

Maybe...just maybe...you can bend a few ears around the office and bring fiberglass back.  How cool would that be?   


Mark said...

Oooo nice! Any more pictures of the rod? :) Sweet score he got there for sure.

Cameron Mortenson said...

Mark...already sent in a request to Shawn for more photos for a follow up post.

Lotech Joe said...

I'd be all for that. Maybe they could offer a more affordable glass blank for those with less $$$.