Friday, July 8, 2011

Location X After Location X

The last five days of this year's trip to Michigan are being spent fly fishing quite a list of locations all over lower and upper Michigan with friends and guides that I have met over the course of writing T.F.M. 

Brook trout, brown trout, carp, and smallmouth are all on the list to be looked for and some have already been caught.  I'm halfway through the second day of fly fishing and having a great time.

One of the things that keeps being brought up over and over while being shown some very special places is to not hot spot and likely the upcoming trip posts will not reference exact locations.

As I am writing this we just crossed over into the Upper Peninsula.  So I'm off to Location X to Location X.  Full reports (minus GPS coordinates) next week.


Fontinalis Rising said...

My reply to the inevitable question is "Northern Michigan".
I'm glad I was able to share a Location X with you.


james deloria said...

North of the 45th is all the information I ever needed to narrow down a good spot. Part of the thrill of trout fishing used to be the challenge of finding those special shangri-las that when found and fished were embedded in the mind forever. Sharing those spots with sons and nephews and such was part of the mystique. Getting young folks to appreciate the sacrosanct importance of "Location X" is perhaps one of the noblest, most useful, achievements of your blog. After all, those of us that grew up with glass and have learned to love it again, partly through your efforts, also grew up knowing that revealing the "Old Same Place" to those seeking easy access was an unforgivable offense. Bravo sir, bravo.