Friday, July 1, 2011

Packed And En Route To Michigan

It's been a fast paced few weeks which ended this afternoon with last minute paperwork done and being able to finally close the office door behind me for the next twelve days.

All the work wasn't done however since when I got home I still needed to cut the grass and then load up the Element with all the gear that we needed for this trip.  At about midnight we were done and have collapsed in bed.  We'll be on the road in just a couple hours.

These yearly trips home to Michigan to spend the July 4th holiday with my family at the lake house are much looked forward to and I am really excited that I'll be adding a few days of fly fishing to the trip as well.

I'll be more or less living out of the Element and these carefully packed bags over the next dozen days.  I hope that I didn't forget anything.  It's not likely since I've been obsessing over everything for over a week now. 

It seems like very year the Element takes on more of a burden and this trip is no different with the addition of a second kayak and then three bikes off the back.  We're loaded down no doubt.

By the time you read this post we'll hopefully have passed through South Carolina, North Carolina, and be well into Tennessee.  Fingers crossed we'll be at the lake house by dinner.


Anonymous said...

good luck brother and have some fun!

schnitzerPHOTO said...

Enjoy the trip, Cam - looking forward to the reports!

blake said...

it always feels like that before leaving for a big trip. make a list of the esentials and anything else forgotten can be picked up on the way. tight lines in michigan

e.m.b. said...

That Element kind of looks like a Clown much stuff can be stuffed in. It's awesome! Hope you guys have a great weekend!

gfen said...

emb, driving an element is like driving the tardis, its astounding how much space is inside that car... however, its only got a 750# cargo capacity, meaning you're technically overweight with four grown men and a case of beer.

i'm curious to know how hard it is to one man that kayak up there, and if its a name brand basket or one of chinese copies (ie, the blackwidow).

Jason Carroll said...

Save travels and tight lines, Cam.