Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Three Weights And Dry Flies

This may be a good time in the series of Michigan trip posts to give a background on Adam Tsaloff, who was my gracious host over the course of the five days of fly fishing.  Adam is a husband, father, physical therapist, bamboo and fiberglass fiend, and fanatical fly angler.

Adam is also the grandson of John Voelker who is also known under the pen name of Robert Traver through his extensive writing of such books as Trout Madness, Anatomy Of A Murder, and others.

Last year Adam had invited me to visit and promised not only a visit to his grandfather's camp in the Upper Peninsula, but also wanted to show me around some of his home water as well.  Adam is fortunate to live in a part of Michigan with tiny brook trout water, warmwater options, larger trout streams, and then enjoy the seasonal offerings of Lake Michigan as well with smallmouth, salmon, and steelhead within casting reach from the piers and rocky shores.  Adam is a neat fellow and we had a really good time over the weekend.  I very much appreciate the invitation to visit and hope to again.

Created with Admarket's flickrSLiDR.

Before heading off to the camp for the weekend, Adam wanted to show me one of his favorite brook trout streams for a few hours. We arrived and tucked his vehicle into a narrow pull off, got our gear together, and then took off on a short hike to the river.

This was perfect three weight and dry fly water and I spent the day using the Kabuto 7033 while Adam used one of his light line bamboo fly rods.

Though the conditions weren't exactly perfect, since it was quite warm with little cloud cover, we still found a few brook trout in likely places.  I enjoyed seeing a new river and holding a few native jewels for a momement before swam from my hand back into the dark water.


james deloria said...

SO pleased to see the "TraverTried'nTrude" doing yeomans' work on storied waters. Guessing that His Bassholiness, the Prince of Piscatoria was using something else!!

chris said...

Cam ,
can you get us the recipe on that fly? it looks very interesting

Cameron Mortenson said...

James...the fly did great. Sharp pattern. The "Prince of Piscatoria" did fish another pattern. Of course. HA... recipe TFM post coming in a week or two.