Monday, July 18, 2011

Vintage Heddon + Carp = Fun

In all honesty I have amassed to many fly rods over the past couple of years (did I really just type that?) and when tattoo artist, angler, and fly tier Pat Cohen of Super Fly mentioned that he was looking for a couple vintage fiberglass fly rods I happily worked out a deal to ship him two lightly used Heddon's that needed a new home.

Over the past few weeks Pat has put the flex to both Heddon fly rods on local carp and sent along this report and photos.

Pat wrote...  "These fly rods have a much softer slower action then I am used to.  It felt like casting with a wet noodle the first few tries but once you get in the groove and become one with the rod.  It flows nice and smooth.  It lays the line down nice and easy the way carp need it."

Check out Super Fly for more fly fishing reports and mad hair stacking skills at the vise. 


Pat Cohen (smalliestalker) said...

thanks Cameron...I'm going to see how many species I can grab with those rods...I'll keep you posted

Cameron Mortenson said...

Pat...I am really glad that you are having a good time with those fly rods. They were just collecting dust in the rod basket not being used.