Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Buff Bug Slinger Collection

It is of little surprise that the Buff Bug Slinger UV Collection won the "Best General Apparel" award at IFTD last week in New Orleans. 

Buff is a solid product and the thought forward artwork of Rob McAbee of Bug Slinger has given this series a very striking look.  I look forward to all ten designs to be released in the coming months.  

This video from Faceless Fly Fishing Media popped up on Facebook a couple weeks ago and gives a good look at the upcoming offerings from Buff.


Rufus T. said...

So what of the bass/spacesuit outfit winning B.O.S. overall? Were we the only ones left scratching our virtual heads over that? Any word on why that could happen? Are we going to see guys wading around the Davidson river in full bass fishing rain gear next year just because it says "Simms" on it? ;)

Cameron Mortenson said...

Jeff...I thought I was talking about the Buff Bug Slinger UV Collection and not Simms in this blog post?