Saturday, August 27, 2011

New Magazines In The Mail

The latest issues of both The Drake and The Flyfish Journal are arriving in mail boxes the world over and it's nice to have a couple new magazines to leaf through and read before bed.

Highlights from this issue of The Drake include Will Rice's take on Beaver Island carp, Abe Streep and Ryan Heffernan's piece on Rock Creek, Part III of The Twelve Apostles, a short piece by Thomas McGuane, and then a mix of other excellent short stories and essays as well.

I really can't get enough of the double page full size photos in The Flyfish Journal.  It's really neat to see artistic fly fishing images of that size in a magazine.  This issue also includes a feature by Miles Nolte on his Texas redfish experience and an excellent gallery piece on photographer R. Valentine Atkinson with a stack of his iconic fly fishing images in black and white.

If you don't subscribe then certainly consider it as these are both magazines with stellar writing and photography that deserve your support.  


Jay Zimmerman said...

Oooooo! Nice! Two of the best! Did you get your 2011 Hatches yet?! (I ask, because I am a self-promoting d-bag)sorry...

Cameron Mortenson said...

Jay...two of the best indeed. Hatches? Not yet. I emailed Kevin last night about getting a copy so I should have one soon.