Monday, August 15, 2011

Night Out With NoMotorGuide Service

After two family trips to Disney World this year (with absolutely no fly fishing involved) when the boss tapped me on the shoulder to attend a conference in Orlando I knew I had to try to get on the water this time around.

After a quick post on the T.F.M. Facebook page of my travel plans, Captain Craig Crumbliss from NoMotorGuide Service reached out that he could likely meet up.  Craig and I traded emails leading up to the trip and as soon as I arrived at the hotel and checked in, he pulled up in his SUV with driftboat trailered ready to go.  Craig may have one of just a couple driftboats in the entire state of Florida.  

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Craig and I drove a few minutes away to a small urban lake and dropped the drifter in.  It had been raining quite hard that afternoon but fortunately as we got into the boat it began to ease to a sprinkle and then quit altogether.  The lake was lined with lily pads the size of manhole covers and underneath dense greenery covered the lake's floor.  In short...a bass haven.

Over the next few hours Craig worked the sticks and I did my best not to lay down an errant cast and put a fly in the back of his head.  The driftboat really is quite a perfect vessel for these inland lakes since Craig can move quietly spot to spot and change the position of the boat with a single oar movement for best casting angles.  I caught a few bass on both topwater flies and streamers with the largest fish of the night rising to a frog popper well after dark.  We never found the big fish that live in this lake but still it was good to touch a few fish.  

We spent a lot of time talking about the area fisheries which are more or less underground since most that live and visit Florida are thinking saltwater.  Within an hour of Orlando is a long list of lakes, ponds, and a couple rivers to float.  Typical species caught are bass and bluegill but at least one location also gives up a few snook as well.

Besides operating NoMotorGuide Service, Craig is also involved with the Andy Thornal Company in Winter Haven working in their fly shop.

Craig can be contacted by email or at (863) 232-9719 to discuss a trip if your travel plans involve some time off while in the Orlando area.  



Great post Cameron, how wonderful to float those small pond!! love it!

Cameron Mortenson said...

Mark...the driftboat was the perfect platform for fishing from on this trip.

Flyfishermanrichard. said...

Found your site today, and will follow.