Sunday, August 14, 2011

Tom Pipic's Lemon Drop Build

You may remember Tom Pipic's Kabuto Rods build which was highlighted on T.F.M. earlier this year.  Tom has followed that build with this 7'9" three piece four weight F.H. Paddock Lemon Drop blank that came out stunningly.

Tom wrote...  "I would describe the action as "powerful medium fast" and fully progressive with much power on tap in the butt section.  The rod loads well at short distances with a WF5 fly line but really shines at medium and long distance."

When sunlight passes through these blanks it just lights them up.

Fine choice of a stripped down Hardy Uniqua fly reel to use on this build.

To see more information regarding this build please visit the Fiberglass Flyrodders forum.


Peter said...

Now that is purty... A latch-lock Uniqua on a lemondrop. "doffs hat"

Cameron Mortenson said...

Peter...pretty indeed.

james deloria said...

You gotta stop showing these. I have incurable lemon drop envy.

Cameron Mortenson said...'re just going to have to break a piggy bank and buy yourself a blank.

GFP said...

James, I completely agree. I love lemon!