Thursday, August 11, 2011

The Waters Of Greenstone

The Waters Of Greenstone is the freshman effort from Taylor Kirkpatrick and Hardwick Caldwell of Gambit Stone and chronicles their journey into the New Zealand backcountry to find trout and snowy peaks.

Taylor and Hardwick made their dream of fly fishing and hiking in New Zealand a reality after graduating from college and gathering up enough money from various jobs to fund their trip of a lifetime with camera in tow.  

This film is broken into distinctive chapters which gives viewers an insight into the planning and execution of the different elements of their trip.

Where a lot of destination films fail to show the hard work of getting there, the boys of Gambit Stone do a through job of letting viewers inside the process and the large trout that they caught were certainly earned after miles with heavy packs on their backs.

There are a few frat boy hijinks in the mix but they are largely forgotten since overall this documentary style fly fishing film is excellent and has a soundtrack that is both unique and fitting as well.

The Waters of Greenstone was on the Fly Fishing Film Tour line up this year and a good insight into what the full length film is about.  If you liked the F3T cut then you'll very much like the DVD.     

To purchase your own copy of The Waters Of Greenstone please visit the Gambit Stone Online Store.

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