Tuesday, September 6, 2011

A Long Weekend Away

Those who check in on T.F.M. daily may have noted a lack of new posts going up over the weekend which was largely because we spent the long weekend away with family in Isle of Palms.

I intended to write up a couple posts each night but the weekend got away from me.  Oh well.  Instead we enjoyed the beach, bike rides, great food, and most importantly family and relaxation.

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There was no fly fishing on this trip but it's tough to beat a weekend in and around the Holy City.

This slideshow is a mix of photos from my DSLR and iPhone and then tweaked in the Instagram app.

These trips over Labor Day have become somewhat of a tradition for us.  It's certainly a fitting way to wind down summer and begin thinking about the pursuits of autumn.  Of course after this trip I have ideas stirring about a few redfish trips to the coast.


Neil said...

You tended to things that matter most, thats the most important and best activity. Blogging can wait!

Cameron Mortenson said...

Neil...I completely agree. I get a little wrapped up with this damn website from time to time but never forget what is most important.