Friday, September 2, 2011

Nomad's "Guide Story" Net Giveaway

For the month of September Nomad Fly Fishing is sponsoring the what we're calling the "Guide Story Contest" where we want to hear your recounts of a day out on the water with sports or friends that shines out particularly in your mind.  Share a humorous tale, a dangerous situation averted, or a moment where cooperation between angler and guide allowed a fish of a lifetime to be brought to net leaving each person with an unforgettable memory.
(Photo Credit - Mike Boward)

For the dedicated, guiding can be someone's life work and they have a deep and intimate understanding of the waters they share with clients daily.  This life is filled with long days, seeing every type of angler you can ever  imagine both good and bag, and in reality betting their paycheck on the whims of nature be it runoff, weather, or the unpredictability of a watershed.

For others guiding is a weekend and time off gig where spending time on the water with sports or friends beats what they do from nine to five hands down.  For whatever reason they don't guide full time but take days here and there to help out a fly shop or outfitter and in the process put a few dollars in their pocket. 

Then for a number of us, well we gladly forgo lining up a fly rod for ourselves and take net duty when fly fishing with friends to stand side by side in the river pointing out likely spots, offering suggestions on what flies the fish may be taking, and honestly just enjoy taking it all in.  Some of my most favorite days on the water have been spent watching everyone put a bend in their fly rod and taking photos.  

There is a wealth of experience and knowledge within the T.F.M. readership and I'll be looking forward to reading through the stacks of entries that will likely be submitted.

Up for grabs in this contest is a Nomad Fly Fishing Guide Net and I greatly appreciate their sponsorship for this giveaway.


1. Submit your "Guide Story" by email be it that you're a full time guide, part time guide, or a friend taking another another friend to a special piece of water.

2.  Entries can consist of a short essay, link to a blog post that you have written, a video, or even a photograph with few lines of explanation and background.

3.  Entries will be accepted until midnight on September 30th, 2011.

4.  Each person may submit one "Guide Story" and at the end of the month a random entry will be selected as the winner of this contest. 

5.  The winner will receive a Guide Net from Nomad Fly Fishing which retails for $189.00 as their prize. 

Good luck and please free to email if you have any questions at all.

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Brian LeBars said...

I wish I had a good story. My only guide trip was my first time out and my back cast took off his hat and glasses and sent them into Lake Crowly lol.