Friday, September 9, 2011

The Origins Of What We Eat

Where our food comes from is something that few of us really consider in our every day lives.  A trip to the grocery store gives us everything packaged and processed in such a way that little thought is given that each piece of meat came from an animal and all the levels of processing from field to store. 

Salt Fresh & Field TEASER from Salt, Fresh & Field on Vimeo.

Chad Brealey of Salt, Fresh & Field is working on a television series that I am a bit surprised this hasn't gone to air yet.  I've watched this trailer numerous times as well as the extended version without voice over which is quite stirring and poses very interesting ideas as well as being skillfully filmed and edited.  Showing reverence for an animal taken for food seems like the least of what we should do.

Who would have ever guessed Willie Nelson singing a Coldplay cover with animation could create such an emotional two minute video.  This is quite a smart ad and the Chipolte Cultivate Foundation is a step forward in how foods are sourced in the restaurant industry.
Without a doubt we should think more about what we eat and where that food ultimately comes from.  I know as parents to young children my wife and I are more aware than we were a few years ago.  It's been neat to find local farmers, markets, and butchers doing something on a small scale and offering a fresher and higher quality food for us to prepare in our home for our family.    


Jay said...

Very cool post about a very important topic. Thanks for sharing.

Cameron Mortenson said...

Jay...thank you. I thought so too.

Jeff Ryan said...

Great stuff Cam! I often dream of going totally old school. Living on a self sustaining farm... hunting, fishing, and gathering my families food.