Thursday, September 29, 2011

Shane Gray's Salmon Trip Rod

As is typical of many rod makers I know when it comes to their own personal fly rods they usually don't have but a couple.  For a rod maker, a fly rod that's not being used is one that can be sold and also during the course of casting many different blanks the builder's tastes change as well.

As Shane Gray of Graywolf Rods began prepping for his yearly salmon trip to northern Michigan, he realized that he didn't have a fly rod to use.  He soon started scheming a glass build and had just enough time before leaving to get it finished.

Shane wrote...  "This fly rod is a Yellow Glass Series four piece eight foot eight weight.  The all metal seat is a prototype from Joel Lemke with a threaded metal fighting butt.  The build also includes a modified flor grade full wells grip, titanium snake guides, tip top, and a blued agate stripper.  The wraps are clear yellow silk tipped with chinese red silk."

Shane and his family are heading north today and I am already looking forward to his post trip photos and report.

Check out the Graywolf Rods Blog and Facebook page for more photographs and information.  While on the Facebook page click "LIKE" to keep up with the latest news from Shane's shop.

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Nobarbs said...

Beautiful build, Shane. You do great work. I especially like the choice on the seat, very classy and simple.