Monday, October 17, 2011

Hatch Outdoors Lance Boen Fly Reels

It's probablly no surprise to find out that I have a thing for fly reels and even though the Hatch Outdoors Lance Marshall Boen Limited Edition Fly Reels are way outside my gear budget, they are still enjoyable to look at.   

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From Hatch Outdoors...  "Renowned artist Lance Marshall Boen has partnered with Hatch Outdoors to create a collection of eight limited edition fine art reels.  Boen is known in the fishing and art community for his leather fish sculptures and the intricate murals he tools and paints onto their surfaces.  These textured scenes display imagery about the aquatic world and life cycle of the fish.  Inspired by Boen’s imagination and artwork, Hatch has taken their precision reel technology to a whole new level by incorporating three dimensional relief engravings onto their reel casings.  Boen created an original body of work for the unique engravings in this collection.

Signed and numbered editions, not to exceed 30 of each version, make these among the most desired of collectible reels available.  Boen’s passion and experience of fishing is integrated into the following eight reel designs, which feature the deep engraving process and cover the spectrum from trout to billfish.  Each reel comes with a fine leather pouch and is housed in a collectible red cedar box."

The Lance Marshall Boen offerings are as follows...

- Water’s Bounty 3 Plus $1200
- Trout Compass 5 Plus $1500
- Into the Flats 7 Plus $1800
- Steelhead Lifecycle 7 Plus $1800
- Into the Flat 9 Plus $2250
- Steelhead Lifecycle 9 Plus $2250
- Chasing Dorado 9 Plus $2250
- Bluewater Big Game 12 Plus $2650

Check out the Hatch Outdoors website for more information.


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I didn't see a link in the post, but Lance's artwork, fish sculptures made from leather can be seen at