Saturday, October 29, 2011

Hex Fishing Company

I have been following Joel DeJong's artwork and fly fishing blog A Year On The Fly and he has taken his talent a different direction with a new company called Hex Fishing Company

Joel is offering these handmade wooden rod cases in either Top Cap Hex Tube Style or Hinged Hex Case Style.  These cases are made out of carefully selected woods and skillful inlays. 

These cases would make the perfect home for a special (fiberglass) fly rod.

From the Hex Fishing Company website...  

"Fly Fishermen know that the Art of Fly Fishing is not just about catching fish but it is in fact the entire process in which you hook that fish.  We at the Hexagenia (Hex) Fishing Company live this philosophy not only with the way we fish but the gear we use.  Our artfully created Fly Rod Cases, Fly Boxes, and Fishing Apparel embody the soul of a Fly Fisherman like no other.  We are sure that our original products will protect and hold your fly fishing equipment with class and style for years to come."

"Here at The Hexagenia Fishing Company, our gear is important to us and the way we store that gear is equally important. That is why we have created a line of products that will not only protect you gear but do with a style and class hard to find in the big box store world of today. We are confident that once you have purchased our original products, you will no longer keep your beloved gear in the garage with car but instead find a place in your home to display these one of a kind pieces of functional art."

Check out the Hex Fishing Company website for more information.

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