Friday, October 21, 2011

New Costa Women Styles

This fall at IFTD I sat under the awning of the Costa Airstream (likely the coolest booth area at the show) and was shown the 2011/2012 line up of new offerings with Laurie Driggs Fontenot of L'Acadian Communications.

Though there were a couple new men's styles the four new styles for women, namely the Tippet, Little Harbor, Islamorada, and Hammock, deserved the most attention. 

These four styles cover the range of face shape fits with the Tippet having the smallest frame and the Hammock being the largest. 

Mrs. Manifesto has been rocking a pair of Hammock's for the past couple months and she's been nothing but satisfied. (She looks damn sexy in them too.)  Retro "Jack-O" styling and the 580P lenses are far superior to anything else she has worn except her 580 Bonita's.  

The Costa website has recently gone through a refresh and it's now easy to mix and match the different frame and lens choices to get a better idea of what you might be interested in.  Check it out.   


Jen said...

Those new styles look tight. I have a small face so it's hard for me to find anything that doesn't make me look like I have big fly eyes. Perhaps I'll give Tippet a try. Thx for the post.

Cameron Mortenson said...

Jen...check out both the Tippet and Little Harbor then. Should work.