Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Color Match Perfection

In the beginning of September I highlighted two of the very last fly rod builds that Vladan Milenkovic of Fly Fisherman's Cafe did before his move from the Midwest to Boston.  Well, one of those little white Kabuto Rods blanks was destined for Jason Butler from the Fiberglass Flyrodders forum and after fishing it on his local bluegill spot is fully convinced that Vlad knew what he was doing all along. I agree.

Jason wrote..  "When I approached Vlad to build this rod, I made it clear that I wanted him to be himself.  Basically, I wanted to be able to recognize this rod as one of his builds in comparison to others.  When he suggested gold thread and red ink, I thought sure, why not.  Now, after taking this photo, I think maybe he is a genius.  He was aware of my location, figured I would be landing some bluegills, and picked the gold thread to match perfect!"

Perfect match indeed. 

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