Thursday, December 15, 2011

12 DAYS - RIO Products/Sage


The 12 Days Of Christmas are quickly wrapping up and today features prizes from RIO Products and Sage with of a few pieces of fine gear including an "almost new" fly reel.

The Trout LT fly lines are billed as a technical trout anglers dream line and I agree with these attributes.  These fly line shine with dry flies, emergers, soft hackles, and even with small nymphs and are one of the few fly lines in the industry that are available in both Weight Forward and my personal preference of Double Taper.

I've been using a couple Trout LT fly lines and found that they can really do well on light line fiberglass fly rods.  I found these fly lines to be an excellent presentation fly line and one I'd fully recommend to spring creek and small water anglers.

The Trout LT fly lines are offered in line weights 000 to seven weight and priced at $75 each.

Check the RIO Products website for more information to to order.   

Of everything that has been won and given away during the 12 Days Of Christmas gear giveaway, the Sage Click IV fly reel is the only item that has been carefully used.  I fished with the Click IV a few times this fall and had a great time with what I consider an "undercover clicker".

Most of the fly reels in my collection are vintage click and pawl models and when they sing...they really sing.  The Click fly reel however follows the design lines of the the rest of the Sage line up and unless you really give a look to the mechanics, you might not realize that you're looking at a new school clicker.  When a big fish runs the audible sound from the reel is toned down and controlled and the function of the clicker against the inner rim of the reel spool is flawless.  The click and pawl of this fly reel works great and looks great too.  

The Click IV is a great choice for fans of a click and pawl drag system but who still want modern styling in their fly reel.  The Click fly reel series is available in four sizes to cover line weights from 00 to five weight and priced from $280 to $320.

Check out the Sage website for more information.

For today's giveaway RIO Products is giving away two of their Trout LT fly lines and Sage is giving a Click IV fly reel.

To play please send an email to  You will receive an auto response email back to confirm your entry was received.  Only one email per person please.  All emails must be received by midnight tonight to qualify for this gear giveaway.  Winners will be chosen by random number generator and will be announced tomorrow morning at the end of this post.


There were over 700 emails sent in yesterday and the random number generator gave up three numbers this morning picking winners Shawn Bichsel, Bob Meacham, and Terry Greiner. 

Shawn Bichsel won the Sage Click IV fly reel and Bob Meacham and Terry Greiner both won a new RIO Products Trout LT fly line.  Congrats.

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