Friday, December 2, 2011

Christian's Larry Kenney Six Weight

Christian Hörgren gives us another glimpse into his collection with a few photographs and thoughts on his recently received Larry Kenney 8'6" six weight.

Christian wrote...  "After nine months wait, I finally received my 8'6'' six weight from master rodsmith Larry Kenney.  It was worth the wait.  The new heavier rods from Mr. Kenney fills a gap on the market.  I already own the 7'9'' four weight and you can feel a certain resemblance between the two tapers.  These are smooth casters and the four weight is a superb presentation rod for dry flies.  The six weight comes in two lengths, and this one is the longer.  This gives the rod a very special character and I wold say this is the limit for a six weight in fiberglass before it gets tip heavy.  The 8'3'' is problably a more balanced rod, which makes it more easy to use.  But on the other hand, if you have the right tracking and listen to the rod, the 8'6'' six weight is a beast."

"I have been fishing with the Paddock brown series 8'3'' six weight a lot, and the line choice would be about the same.  The three inch difference makes this a totally different rod.  It's a very powerful caster with lot of reserve in the butt section.  I would say it's capable of handling steelhead, at least when the condition are right. I'm going to use it as a streamer rod for seatrout, large brown trout and boat fishing.  To be able to handle large fish, this rod has a fighting butt.  The appointments are sparse with an uplocking threaded bronze seat with a rosewood spacer, mildrum stripper and snake guides.  Understated, well proportioned and with a lot of personality."

"Next year I will probably try to fill out the gap between this rod and my Scott Fiberhammer with a Kenney seven weight.  Thanks Larry for showing us that glass rods can be so much more than light weight stalker rods."

Larry Kenney does not have a website but more information can be found in these two T.F.M. posts...


I am on Larry Kenney's list for a five weight build which should be done in early 2012.  I am really looking forward to adding one of his excellent builds to my own collection.


Jory Ward said...

The color of that blank is beautiful. Nice build too.

Cameron Mortenson said...

Jory...the Kenney blank builds are unreal nice. I can't wait to get my five weight early next year.

andrew parker said...

Cameron, I believe the LARRY KENNEY FIBERGLASS FLY RODS link should resolve to