Monday, December 19, 2011

JP's Last Weekend Before Christmas

Jordan Ross of JP Ross Fly Rod & Co. spent this past weekend at his cabin and was struck with a bit of "spirited" inspiration before bed which he shares in this post.

Jordan Ross wrote...

"It's the last weekend before Christmas, and I still have over a dozen rods to ship out tomorrow for last minute orders that came through. So after the last one was epoxied, I sat in the Cabin with Montana and Patton, listening to Jimmy Buffet. I could not go in just yet. There still was something left I had to do...something creative. So I grabbed a glass and poured a pinch of creative goodness and started working on The Fiberglass Manifesto rod case cap.

Trying to make a theme rod for Cameron is a lot of fun, especially when you have a Facebook following and a website like he does. Everyone loves giving their opinion about what should go on The Fiberglass Manifesto Eagle Creek Special. But many people do not realize that this is what we have been doing for fifteen years. I started JP Ross Fly Rod & Co. before I could legally drink that glass of scotch I just poured. For over a decade we have been making corporate theme rods for people, just like this one, except this one is a bit more special, because its glass."

"I enjoy making this rod for Cameron for two reasons, it's fun to do for a nice guy like him, and its probably one of the last fiberglass rods I will be making.

The influx of fiberglass fly rod makers to the scene has really taken the wind out of my sales with glass. There are so many new makers that I probably will go back to my strong suit and make quality graphite small stream rods. Kabuto Rods and Scott Fly Rod Company in my opinion are the leaders, and I tip my hat to them. I wish Tom Dorsey at Thomas & Thomas would push his designs more. He is a great guy and a terrific designer. As for me? The Reuben Wood was my biggest achievement for the glass market. No one had the guts to put a silver ferrule on a glass rod, but we did. To me the Reuben Wood is a testament to old world glass. Probably like Cameron, I had been fishing glass fly rods for many many years before the glass boom he pretty much created. Fenwick and Garcia were by far my favorites, and still are. All with metal ferrules.

So as the temp dips down some more, and the glass of Johnny Walker Blue Label begins to evaporate into my throat, I put the finishing touches on this quaint case cap. I hope that Cameron gets as much enjoyment out of this rod as I have gotten from making it.

More to come. This week I wrap it with silk."

Look for more updates on the T.F.M. Eagle Creek Special build as it comes together.

I really appreciate how much time and consideration that Jordan is putting into this build and I look forward to seeing it continue to come together step by step.

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bfly said...

Looking forward to seeing how this comes out!