Tuesday, January 3, 2012

A Look Forward At 2012

It's just a couple days into the new year and I've been working on a list of things to do which in my mind is much different than resolutions and more about specific objectives that need to get done in 2012. 

1.  Spend more time outside with Hadley and Finn.  Whether it's kayaking, fishing, biking, or playing in the dirt, we need to be in the woods and on the water more.

2.  Create a PowerPoint presentation on fiberglass fly rods.  I have several scheduled trips this year to attend and present at a conclave and a fly fishing expo with a few other invites a possibility as well.  It's pretty neat to be asked and given the opportunity to spread some knowledge on fiberglass fly rods and of course there will be fly fishing involved on these trips too.

3.  Post more fiberglass fly rod content on T.F.M.  I am way behind on  rod builder interviews and plan to get those up in short order.  I also need to revamp the Rod Shops page to include the interviews and other pertinent T.F.M. posts for each fiberglass builder or rod company to be a more complete source of information.

4.  Fish tenkara more.  I guess I'm drawn to tenkara for a lot of the same reasons I enjoy fiberglass fly rods, which is that it's a niche within the small sport of fly fishing, and a heck of an enjoyable way to catch a fish on water big or small.  Don't discount tenkara as a little stream tool only.  Strangely tenkara gets the rap, much like the general perception of fiberglass fly rods, they are only for creeks and dinks.  This method of angling is much more capable than most give it credit for.   

5.  Spend more time on the water locally.  I get a bit wrapped up on planning the next trip out of town and should consider the bounty of water in my backyard...such as the family pond which is literally right out my backdoor.  I also have the Saluda River and Broad River to do more exploring and fly fishing on as well.

I am really excited about the possibilities of this year and look forward to sharing many of these experiences on T.F.M. as well. 

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