Friday, January 27, 2012

Lord Of The Hoard

When the "Original Martin Gangster" isn't working diligently in the Playful Plans shop or lining up reservations for their Asheville backyard cottage, Kevin McGuire can be found perusing eBay for mint condition Martin fly reels to bid on. 

This fishable collection has lead to what some would consider a hoarding situation with fly reels stowed here and there in the shop and in the house.  Yesterday Kevin decided to take control of his mess and filled a large plastic bin with layer after layer of Martin fly reels. 

Kevin left just enough room for a few vintage catalogs and other fly reel paperwork.  Oh and there is just enough room still for a somewhat rare Martin 63SS that he sniped on eBay last night.

The addiction continues.  Intervention time?  I think not.


Anonymous said...

No wonder my bids a re always unsuccessful. It's like trying to buy a Rolls Royce anymore.

Cameron Mortenson said...

D.A....HA... Kevin is pretty good on the snipe if it's a Martin that he really wants.

Howard Levett said...

Nice to see a write up about Kevin. Maybe he'll take a break and join us for a chat on Sunday.