Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Nervous Water Edition

Yesterday an email from Hawaii showed up in my inbox tipping me off on Clayton Yee of Nervous Water Fly Fishing starting 2012 out on the flats by catching his first bonefish of the year on a Lamiglas fiberglass fly rod.

Clay wrote...  "I have always been an advocate of slow or medium action rods for sight fishing here. Unfortunately the manufacturers and the fly fishing public in general doesn't agree opting for fast action rods that can be tip cast. Some of these are nice and do a good job in close, but many just do not have that loving feeling (or even any feeling for that matter) when cast at close range. Even the best ones are nothing like fishing a slower action rod which has a feel that is hard to describe especially for a descriptively challenged guy like myself."

Check out the blog post on Nervous Water Fly Fishing website for more photographs and the rest of the story of Clay's day out on the Hawaiian flat.

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