Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Prelude To Raw Water

The internet is an interesting place and it's neat to see how ideas between friends can turn into new endeavors which can be shared across all corners.

Adam Kryder and Lucas Carroll have a new project in the works which should go public in the coming days.  There is even talk that Matt Smythe of fishingpoet.com may get involved in this as well. 

Adam Kryder sent along a few photographs from a recent winter trip with this note...

"The goal of our project is to enliven and inspire the fly fishing film community with an educative voice and down-to-earth media. We want to provide utmost visibility at all points of the filmmaking process and we understand that budget and equipment limitations are no match for deep drive, passion, and artistic vision."

Look for a follow up post later this week with a further inside glimpse of what this project is all about.

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Clif said...

sounds wonderful. Look forward to additional information.